Westminster International University in Tashkent offers the WIUT Scholarship Programme which is a 100% fee waiver offered to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan accepted at the Certificate in International Foundation Studies (CIFS).  

Scholarship selection will be in two stages based on top-performance in WIUT Entrance Math exam and IELTS score. Top applicants will be invited to take a paper-based math test to contest for scholarship places.

WIUT Scholarship Programme Conditions

  • WIUT normally offers 30 scholarships on an annual basis to support most talented applicants from Uzbekistan as part of the University’s social responsibility strategy. These scholarships are covered from WIUT’s own financial resources and, therefore, the Executive Team of the University decides on the number of available scholarships.

  • WIUT Scholarship Programme is a 100% fee waiver offered to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan entering WIUT at Level 3 (Certificate in International Foundation Studies).

  • Applicants have to indicate their interest in being considered for a scholarship at the point of their application to the University in order to be considered for the WIUT Scholarship programme. Applicants need to indicate their intention by filling in the relevant fields in the Admission Portal.

  • A WIUT Scholarship is to be offered based on performance in English (IELTS scores only) and the WIUT Entrance exam in math. The principle is a weighted score of 60% IELTS and 40% Math.

  • Only the top 30 applicants who performed the highest scores will be granted scholarships. According to WIUT’s Policy, if someone among the 30 applicants refuses to accept the offer, her/his scholarship offer will not be transferred to any other candidate beyond the top thirty.

  • Thirty (30) scholarship places are available at Level 3. In order for a student to maintain scholarship privileges at next levels, s/he has to demonstrate top performance. The performance is determined by the CIFS certificate with Merit or Distinction (Foundation level) or by the Dean's List (for all Undergraduate degree levels). Failing to comply with the above leads to withdrawal of the scholarship.

  • According to the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan (№ 417, June 2, 2018), the statute about the procedure on enrolling disabled students (disability degree groups 1 and 2) on the basis of additional scholarship places in all HE institutions has been adopted. Supporting government’s initiative, WIUT allocates 2 places for such category of people from 2020-2021 academic year. These scholarships are granted on the basis of the first two highest entry exam scores among them and proof they belong to families with low socio-economic background. Such applicants should submit written applications for a scholarship with all the attached evidence through the Executive Office for consideration.

  • In order to encourage applicants who completed full-term military service, demonstrated high patriotism and great fighting spirit to defend their homeland, WIUT has introduced additional scholarship places available for them but with the condition that a student progresses to the next level. Otherwise, the scholarship for such category will be withdrawn. WIUT Executive Board makes decision on a number of available scholarship places for such category of applicants each Academic Year based on the financial position of the University.

  • Any restriction that had been previously imposed to scholarship students after the graduation in terms of receiving their degree certificates is now lifted.

The University reserves the right to reject any scholarship applicants who do not meet any one of the parametres of WIUT.

The WIUT Executive Board may add other, or eliminate existing, Special Scholarship Awards depending on the performance or financial position of the University.

For self-financed students:
15% discount is available to self-financed students who manage to be in the Dean’s List (including those who completed the Foundation level with Merit or Distinction). This scheme is also viewed as an incentive for better studying and social support.

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