What is the Refer-a-Student Scheme?

As a current student, alumna/alumnus or staff member, you already have a great understanding of WIUT’s reputation, the value of the degrees offered and the dedication of the faculty and staff. Being a proud member of the WIUT community, you have a chance to contribute by introducing the University to your family, relatives and friends for international students (attending any WIUT course).

What should I do?

  1. Introduce WIUT and share your experience with international students on WIUT’s courses.
  2. Encourage them to apply, if they express interest in a course. 

How do I make a referral?

Making a referral is easy!

  1. The applicant (Referred Student) must indicate you as their Referrer (your full name and email address) upon registration on admission.wiut.uz. The Admissions and Recruitment Office will contact you to verify your details.
  2. Once the applicant (Referred Student) completes the enrolment process, the Admissions and Recruitment Office will contact you again. You will be reimbursed for the referral in December of the recruitment year.
Terms and Conditions
The Referrer must be:
  • A current student of WIUT
  • An alumna/alumnus of WIUT
  • A staff member of WIUT
The Scheme is available only for international applications.
Each applicant can have only one Referrer.
The applicant must indicate you as their Referrer (full name and email address) at the time of registrationon admission.wiut.uz.
Referred students cannot be the students who have already applied to WIUT.
WIUT reserves the right to change the Refer-a-Student Scheme or its structure at its discretion.
Admissions and Recuitment Office  
(+998 71) 238 74 60 

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