Staff experience

Staff Experience

WIUT is recognized for the quality of its staff, both academic and administrative, by maintaining, smartening and strengthening the human resources. We can create and maintain the best educational environment for students by investing in fostering professional skills, academic knowledge and cultural literacy of all of the staff. The University will continue its efforts in creating an environment that stimulates employee engagement and realizing their potential in an effective atmosphere. To achieve this, we have launched annual staff performance reviews that identify development plans for their growth. Diversified personal development programmes and trainings may attract and retain top talents of the labour market. Hence, the Roadmap for the Staff Experience focuses on the following four points.

Fostering personal and professional growth.

Providing opportunities for the staff to advance in their careers and develop their talents is one of the top priorities of the University. WIUT will offer development opportunities relevant to the needs of staff within the context of its strategic direction. This will ensure the availability of expertise in those areas that are essential to the University’s mission and vision. We are creating an environment where key learning and developmental needs are recognised as the basis for enhancing performance.

Promoting an environment suitable for social engagement.

The University is planning to provide more opportunities for staff members to establish external relationships that enhance local and international learning experiences. To this end, the university will focus its efforts on creating and strengthening partnerships with national and international organizations and educational institutions. This may result in improving communication and the engagement of the community.

Ensuring staff diversity and inclusiveness.

Diversity is among the key principles of WIUT and this principle should run through all our development plans and actions. The University will endeavour to maintain and improve a diverse and inclusive campus environment in which every individual has the opportunity to contribute and to excel. We are to build a culture that reflects and values the evolving diversity of the society as a basis for enhancing staff experience by attracting and retaining faculty and staff members with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Encouraging staff collaboration.

Encouraging staff collaboration. The successful development of WIUT fully depends on the commitment of the colleagues to work together to reach a shared vision, mission, and aim for strategic goals. The University will encourage productive and intellectually rewarding collaborations among all staff members that would stimulate sharing responsibility for the outcomes and add value to the services provided by the University.

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