Certificate in International Foundation Studies (CIFS) and Undergraduate Courses

1. What courses does WIUT offer?
  • Certificate in International Foundation Studies (CIFS) (Level 3)
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Marketing
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and Finance 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics with Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance 

For more information about our courses please visit https://www.westminster.uz/study

Postgraduate Courses

1. What Postgraduate courses does WIUT offer?
  • MSc in Applied Economics
  • MSc in Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • MA in Human Resource Management and Talent Development
  • LLM in International Commercial Law
  • MA in International Business Management (with 3 pathways)
  • MA in Learning and Teaching (with 3 pathways)
  • MSc in Public Health Science
  • MSc Research Methods
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning

For more information about our courses please visit https://www.westminster.uz/study.

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