Student Information and Support Section (Ask.WIUT) is a first-line advice point of the university. When students are experiencing problems, our qualified staff members direct students to support services or provide with university links and phone numbers of particular departments.

Our mission
Ask.WIUT staff is available to you to provide you with information, advice and assistance. 

  • Do you have questions regarding the documents you may request from the university (proof of study, military form, ID card, contract)

  • Do you have issues affecting your academic achievement (MC claim, Appeal form, Attendance policy)?

  • Do you want to know how to use the services provided on the intranet (academic support, career center, faculty support, Academic Registrar’s Office)?

  • Do you have any issues, but don’t know where to go?

AskWIUT members are here to help you to find any information you need and assist you to link the university services. Our team is available for all students at ATB, 1st floor (Amir Temur building) and ShB, 1st floor (Shakhrisabz building), via email, phone, telegram bot, and online chat from
Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6 p.m.


The Customer Relations Section (the Inquiry Office)

Is the face of the university and the frontline when customers require assistance. The Section is responsible for delivering a customer-focused and facing processes, accurate and appropriate responses as well as capturing information on all enquiries. The services also include:

  • Customer assistance for inquiries about the university, courses and programs, registration processes and academic regulations;
  • Providing online timely consultation, advice, and direction via Webchat during business hours, as well as responding to offline messages submitted from offline chat;
  • Document collection and ID card issuance procedures;

Parental engagement activities

  • Informing parents about the latest University news and events, both directly and through the Telegram channel "WIUT Parents Informed";

  • Organizing parental-oriented events, tours, and information sessions to familiarize parents with the University and its facilities.

The Customer Relations Team is happy to assist you: 9:00-13.00 and 14.00-18:00, from Monday to Friday at the following location:

Amir Temur str., near the students’ entrance, opposite Shakhrisabz building of WIUT.

Contact details: (71) 238-74-00, ext. 601 or 602.

Our telegram channel:

The Call Center

Is part of the Information and Customer Service department and is responsible for providing first-line assistance to WIUT students, parents, applicants, and other stakeholders with any incoming inquiries. The Call Center offers the following additional services:

  • Timely management of incoming calls;

  • Identifying customer needs and providing appropriate consultation;

  • Handling and guiding through different calls, analyzing specific concerns and providing solutions;

  • Making outbound calls to customers when needed.

  • Maintaining detailed records of all conversations in the WIUT Call Center database;

Connecting customers with certain departments to address their concerns;

Contact details: (71) 238-74-00, (71) 238-74-44, (71) 203-74-74.

Call Centre (71) 238-74-65, (71)2387400, ext. 695, 698, 662.
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