About LRC

The Learning Resource Centre at WIUT is considered to be one of the best equipped libraries in Uzbekistan. It has a wide selection of academic journals, textbooks, fiction books, newspapers, and an extensive collection of guides for academic English and teaching skills, students’ final projects and educational audio-video materials. The library of WIUT is similar to the library of the University of Westminster in London. Visitors have open access to all information resources. The LRC team strives for creating advanced collections and facilitating research processes. We encourage independent study among students. From the very beginning, the WIUT LRC took advantage of the latest technology in creating digital catalogues for faster and easier access to its resources.

Our Mission

Learning Resource Center of WIUT provides quality and reliable printed and electronic resources. At the same time, it encourages creativity and  intellectual growth by providing access to its resources, empowers the skills of evaluating resources critically through delivering instructions of the effective usage. 

Our Vision - to become a hub of knowledge by ensuring quality and diversity of teaching, learning and research activities at WIUT.


Our Values

  • Our users are our primary focus.
  • We implement innovative and proactive approaches to our services.
  • We promote independent studying, learning and research.
  • We have an extensive local and international networks cooperation.
  • We want to be a bridge between our resources and research process.
  • We appreciate users’ intellectual freedom.
  • We are always improving our competency through continuous professional development.
  • We think highly of user’s privacy.
  • We aspire to foster learning and teaching process by assisting the faculty.



Contact Us

Phone: +998(71) 238 74 20
Email: lrcwiut@wiut.uz
Working Hours: Mon-Fri | 9 am - 8 pm
Saturday 10 am - 3 pm during the academic year
Mon-Fri | 9 am - 6 pm on holidays

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