The following payment channels are made available for WIUT students, applicants and other interested parties to make payments for different services of the university. 

Firstly, you can make relevant payments through any bank outlet in your proximity. Bank outlets accept both cash and plastic card payments. Commissions of different banks may vary, so please double check before making a payment. An agreement signed between the university and a student is used as a platform to make such payments. For any engagements with no agreement in place, the university can issue invoices which can be used as a ground to make payments.    

Secondly, there is an outlet of Infinbank, which is located in the first floor of the Lyceum building. The Infinbank outlet accepts payments from students with minimum or no charge. You need an ID (i.e., passport) in order to enter the university campus and access the bank outlet. Similar documents to justify the ground of the payment needs to be presented (agreement or invoice).

Thirdly, legal entities can pay tuition or other fees for a student or students with or without third party agreements. In using this channel, funds paid by legal entities can only be returned to that specific legal entity in the case of a refund.   

Fourthly, the university cooperates with a number of online payment systems and payments depending on their nature can be paid through those systems. The table below summarizes information about the available online payment systems





Accepted payments

​Tuition fee, dormitory, administrative charges, library charges, other charges 

Tuition fee, dormitory, administrative charges, library charges, other charges

​Dormitory, administrative charges, library charges, other charges 

​Dormitory, administrative charges, library charges, other charges 

Commission to be charged






​Mobile/internet application

Mobile/internet application

​Mobile/internet application

​Mobile/internet application




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