WIUT has always been committed to providing an excellent learning experience for all students. The University’s policy for learning support is intended to promote achievement, well-being and through-life learning and to help ensure that each individual student is known and valued and that their needs are recognised and supported.

In addition to the efforts of faculty staff and course administration, there are a range of student support services integrated into the Student Affairs:

Academic Support Centre

If you need academic advice or help in developing your academic writing, quantitative or study skills, there are a number of services and online resources to help you.

Academic Counselling

All full-time students have an academic counsellor, who support students’ academic progress and achievement and their development into self-regulated learners. Academic Counselling primarily serves to provide academic advice and support. It may also include pastoral support and referral to appropriate academic and personal support services in times when a student signposts personal difficulties which may affect his/her academic progress.

Health services

Medical wards are available in all three campus buildings with the on-site nurse available to help you with urgent medical treatment should you need one.

During the evening hours 18.00-20.00 nurse is available for urgent medical aid in the Istiqbol building.


Our highly skilled counsellor can provide advice, support and guidance on a wide range of issues. The Counsellor also runs a Psychology Lab to facilitate the discussion on topics such as settling in at university, managing stress, achievement, time management, confidence and public speaking, managing studies under pressure, etc. These sessions are open to all students, no prior booking is required.

International students

An International Student Support Officer offers support aimed at the total integration, retention, and success of international students at WIUT. The service includes provision of factual advice to international students on academic and social matters ensuring the confidentiality, security and integrity of information is maintained in line with University requirements.

Social Engagement

The university provides an opportunity for students to express their creativity, leadership, effective management, team working, public speaking and many other soft skills through extracurricular projects, clubs and events. WIUT helps students to uncover hidden talents and ambitions, develop the sense of social and ethical responsibility.

Career Development Services

WIUT sees strategic importance in developing the employability of its graduates and offering them the best career opportunities. The University thus continuously engages in dialogue with the top employers of Uzbekistan to identify, promote, teach and report employability skills as well as arrange for internship and employment opportunities for WIUT students and graduates.

The Career Centre assists students and graduates with career exploration, internship and job placements, participating in career fairs, employability trainings and workshops as well as individual advice on writing CVs, motivation letters, interviewing skills, and many more.

Information and Customer Services

Information and Customer Services Department has two sections: Student Information and Support Section, Ask.WIUT,  and Customer Relations Section, which includes the Call Centre.

Ask.WIUT serves to address daily student queries, including staff office locations, office hours, timetable issues, campus card replacement, academic progress and status verification letters, etc.  The Reception desks located in Amir Temur and Shahrisabz buildings is available throughout the teaching day from 9am -6pm and in Istiqbol Building 6:00 pm -8:00pm (term-time) Monday to Friday.


Whether you are a new or continuing student, WIUT offers help and support in finding a suitable place to live in Tashkent.