Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures
Policies and procedures

Policies and Procedures 

Admission at the Westminster International University in Tashkent is guided by policies and procedures approved by the WIUT Admissions Board on the recommendation of our Academic Council.

All applicants regardless of the programme they will attend (CIFS, Undergraduate, Postgraduate) should go through the online application process. The University reserves the right to amend the admission process and scholarship provision, to introduce additional entry requirements including, for example, an interview.

Note: Your personal profile in the Admission system (admission.wiut.uz) is the default channel for communication between you as an applicant and WIUT. All important information and notifications are sent by and stored in the system. Therefore, we strongly advise you to regularly check your profile in the admission system for any important updates.

Notice to the Applicants

Due to an increased number of queries from potential applicants to the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), we would like to inform you that WIUT doesn’t have Agreements or Memorandums with any organisation in Uzbekistan regarding the guaranteed admission to its Degree Courses. According to WIUT's Admission Regulations, all applicants who wish to apply for a Degree Course should do it through the admission.wiut.uz system. All applications will be considered individually by the Admissions Board as per its regulations and procedures. You may check information on available courses and relevant requirements here.

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