Tuition Fees Uzb
54,439,200 UZS
per course
Tuition Fees International
75,870,000 UZS
per course
1 year - full time
2 years - part time

Course description

The MA in Learning and Teaching aims to produce ambassadors and future leaders who will have the knowledge and skills to address current learning and teaching issues in Uzbekistan and in similar contexts. You will focus on deepening your understanding about learner-centered and technology-enhanced approaches to learning, teaching and assessment. You will study the fundamental pedagogical concepts and theories and these will be enhanced through a practical approach so that you are able to immediately put your learning into practice. It is expected that the course will offer you a life-changing experience as you will improve the quality of your learning and teaching capabilities through self-reflection and self-assessment. It will nourish your engagement in action-based research while promoting learner autonomy and life-long learning and developing a professional attitude towards learning and teaching. The course aims to create and empower a community of teachers and researchers, capable of contributing systematically to learning and teaching activities nationally and internationally.

How you will study

The learning and teaching process builds on your current practice that will be discussed and reflected upon to share learning across diverse domains and maximise personal development. The course draws extensively on models of critical reflection as a means of interrogating and theorising professional practice. This may take the form of learning through inquiry into individual practice, research, reflection, collaborative learning, and modelling of student experience as a “vehicle” for reflection. There will be opportunities for peer and tutor observations. Blended learning tasks will be employed to provide you with diverse learning experiences. Teaching on the course will be in the form of mentoring, coaching and facilitation through reflective practice and research projects with structured independent learning.

There will be:

  • Tutor, peer or group observations on a fortnight basis;  
  • Individual or joint hands-on tasks or inquiry projects in the classroom;
  • Micro teaching; and
  • Co-teaching.

Course structure

The MA in Learning and Teaching has three pathways:

  • MA in Learning and Teaching
  • MA in Learning and Teaching with Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages
  • MA in Learning and Teaching with English for Specific Purposes

The course structure differs according to the choice of pathway, however there are some modules that are compulsory for all students across pathways.

The course structure is validated by the University of Westminster (UK) every five years, but it may change by adapting to feedback received from a variety of sources.



Learning and Teaching
  • Supporting Student Learning
  • Assessment matters
  • Developing Educational Research Practices 
  • Dissertation/Project 
  • Curriculum development and material design
  • Essentials of Facilitation 
  • Innovating Learning and Teaching: Experimental Pedagogies and Educational Technologies
  • Introduction to Inclusive Education
  • Managing  and Leading in Learning and Teaching 


Learning Community

You will become a part of a learning community of students coming from a variety of backgrounds and you will discover new things about yourself, experience a “rainbow” of emotions and get professional satisfaction.
Professional Development

You demonstrate commitment to your continuous professional development that will enable you to achieve future goals related to education. Being a student is hard work but it can also be a very enjoyable experience. Even if you have moments of frustration and exhaustion, you will also enjoy discovering your own strengths and capitalising on them.

Unique study opportunities

The Course is designed to provide opportunities for undertaking pedagogic research, certification and collaboration.


Applicants should normally hold an Undergraduate degree (or equivalent) from a recognised higher education institution with a minimum of a second lower class honours (2:2 or equivalent). Applicants without a formal higher education qualification or a formal qualification that is not at an equivalent academic standard, may be considered if the following conditions apply:

  • They are or have been in employment where their role is in the area of the course and involves a high level of analysis and critical thinking.

Applicants must have:

  • Had their first or second degree (or equivalent) taught and assessed in English; or

  • IELTS with an overall score of at least 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in writing or another English Language Test recognised by the University of Westminster.

We accept the TOEFL (IBT (In person test) for entry to our programmes. We also accept TOEFL ‘My Best Scores’ where it relates to TOEFL iBT test results.

Please note that the TOEFL Home Edition (Online test) is not accepted for entry to WIUT degree programmes.

  • TOEFL should be 88 overall with a minimum of 21 in Writing


Our graduates are professional teachers at all levels of education. Some of them also choose managerial positions so that they make positive changes to their schools.

Graduates employed at

Yulduz Yakubova

Elena Volkova

Elena has a Master of Education from the University of Exeter, College of St Mark and St John. Elena is Course Leader of the MA in Learning and Teaching course. She is an Editor in Chief of the ALT FL in Uzbekistan and a peer editor in SAP and SAGE.

Her professional interests include teachers’ professional learning, facilitation, mentoring, action research, assessment, technology enhanced learning, psychology related issues in education, disability inclusion, curriculum development and material design. 



Kamola Ibragimova
Kamola Ibragimova
MA in Learning and Teaching
LRC Manager 
Westminster International University in Tashkent

Curriculum is the heart of education. MALT curriculum is developed in a way that students learn different aspects of pedagogy such as Student Support Learning, Assessment Matters, Innovating learning and teaching etc. The course also gives us strong knowledge and expertise in the field of research, thus developing educational research practices which in future will lead to great projects and innovations. So, after graduating this course I hope I will have developed essential and emerging skills and build my knowledge stronger. At the moment, I am enjoying my journey into teaching and learning with kind and professional facilitators. 
Asan Alimov
Alim Asanov
MA in Learning and Teaching
Westminster International University in Tashkent
The course is unreservedly worth taking, especially if you are seeking a challenge in your personal and professional growth. Although I’ve been teaching for over 15 years, a single semester, in which I studied Assessment Matters and Supporting Student Learning modules, helped me reflect on my past experience and look at it with fresher insights, ingenuity, strive and potential to bring positive changes in the realm of my occupation. The course is taught by highly-professional and passionate specialists rendering individual approach to each student. I am now better informed about versatile pedagogic methods, principles and approaches and can better articulate professional opinions.
Asan Alimov
Shahzaib Ahmed Khan
MA in Learning and Teaching
Academic English and Transferable Skills Officer & I, Citizen Module Leader
Westminster International University in Tashkent
I have been studying for the better part of my life and have come to the realisation that I want to be more involved in the teaching and learning process. This course has allowed me to significantly improve my teaching and learning skills and has shown me the importance of adaptation, analysis and critical review in the educational field. All of this has set me on the right path to achieve my goal – become a better educator in the contemporary educational environment considering the ever-changing nuances of the world.


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