Each year WIUT provides scholarship places on a competition basis to prospective students – citizens of Uzbekistan – applying for CIFS (Foundation) course. The scholarship enables to study at the university undergraduate level free of charge for 4 years. Scholars are chosen based on the overall mark in two exams:

IELTS – weighs 60% of the overall mark
WIUT maths – weighs 40% of the overall mark

Math Scholarship Exam Deadlines 2017

13 of June 2017 – Registration Deadline
30 of June 2017 – Exam Date


  • For scholarship applicants exam may be taken only 1 time per academic year. Results are announced in August.
  • Having once taken a contract math exam the applicant automatically forfeits his/her right to apply for scholarship in the same academic year.
  • After failed Scholarship maths exam an applicant is not guaranteed a place for Contract based study.
  • Scholarship applicants are required to take only IELTS exam. TOEFL may be option only for self-financed applicants (see requirements for self-financed students).
  • There are also 5 special scholarships and discounts available for applicants who completed one year military service in Uzbekistan army.
  • The University reserves the right to reject those scholarship applicants, who did not meet one of the parameters of WIUT.
    Only citizens of Uzbekistan may apply for WIUT scholarship