Research Impact

Since its founding in 2002, WIUT scholars and students have engaged in research in Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and throughout the world. Lately, policy reforms have multiplied the need to support the government and private sector decision-making with evidence from solid research. With a strong independent voice, WIUT is the choice of many organizations when they need quality analysis and recommendations.

Research Digest


Research Digest is a bi-monthly publication aimed at sharing evidence-based research output generated at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) to a wider public.

Research Seminars

Research Seminars are a place where faculty, research assistants, and students share completed research and work in progress. They receive valuable feedback to strengthen their research preparing them for conference presentations and publications. On occasion, visiting researchers from outside the University share their work.

Research Publications

WIUT faculty have published research in respected international journals such as: World Development, Development Policy Review, Journal of Biosocial Science, KYKLOS, Intelligence, Demography, Electronic Commerce Research, Journal of Development Studies, Review of Financial Economics, Forest Policy and Economics, Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, International Journal of Water Resources Development and others.

Annual Research Events


It has been a busy and rewarding academic year for us at WIUT creating and sharing knowledge with you with the enthusiastic support from our staff, students and local and international partners of the university every step of the way. Here you will learn about a range of activity-events hosted and results produced at Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Research Projects

Strong collaboration with public and private sectors, and intentional agencies provides unique opportunities in the region for WIUT faculty to participate in research projects funded by external stakeholders, including research and education projects funded by Erasmus+.


Research Trainings


Weekly research training sessions cover the philosophy of research, design, posing questions, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis methods, and drawing conclusions and publishing results, including both theoretical and practical sessions. Practical sessions are supported with research tools for quantitative and qualitative data analysis including STATA, NVivo, and other useful software for researchers such as LaTeX.

Research Assistantship Program


Since 2014, research assistants (RAs) have supported senior research faculty, contributing significantly to WIUT’s research. WIUT faculty with qualified research experience can claim to hire research assistant(s) on a project basis. Research assistants are expected to help with data mining, carrying out surveys, doing a literature review, and do other work related to a research project, including project management and other administrative work. Most research assistants continue their postgraduate studies in European and North American universities.

WIUT Visiting Fellow Program

Regularly WIUT hosts visiting academics who contribute their interests and experiences in research to the WIUT community under Visiting Researcher Fellowship program. This program targets people willing to pursue their own research in association with WIUT faculty members. Researchers normally stay from a month to a semester.


CPRO is developing the Uzbekistan Futures Research Partnership as a five-year effort for research on policy and practice in support of national development, government reforms, and achieving sustainable development goals. We will encourage research at different levels and across sectors analyzing current and future policy and practice.


Silk Road exists to promote evidence-based scholarly research in social sciences and public policy studies that make the affairs of the Great Silk Road countries an area of significant interest, scholarship, and impact. Applied interdisciplinary and empirical papers are welcomed.


The Research Council at WIUT, numbered 29.06.2019.I.85.01, is a platform where Ph.D. and DSc candidates from local universities may defend their dissertations to get Ph.D. or DSc degrees in Management subject area. The Council was approved by the Supreme Attestation Commission (SAC) on 29.06.2019.


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