MA in International Business Management

MA in International Business Management
(Creative Cultural Tourism)

MA in International Business Management
(Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

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The WIUT MA in International Business Management, MA in International Business Management (Creative Cultural Tourism), MA in International Business Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) is a Master degree course designed for students seeking a career that includes both international and local focus. It represents a crucial part of the increasing internationalisation of the WIUT’s postgraduate portfolio.

Usually many of our students expect to pursue careers in multinational companies after graduation. It is natural in this light that the course should have an important international emphasis. The course thus places great weight on the study of business management in international and local contexts. It includes an additional two pathways where students can specialize in either tourism or entrepreneurship innovation. 

The programme reflects the main functional areas of business - leadership, accounting, marketing, finance, economics, information technology digital marketings, human resources and strategy and provides an opportunity for graduates to develop their knowledge and management skills. It integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application of concepts.

The increasing fragmentation of media and communications, the changing role of women at work, the increased reliance on information technology, and the shift of the ideological centre of gravity towards economic liberalism have all conspired to challenge the traditional notions of work and lifetime employment. The course team recognise these changes in both the teaching and assessment contained within the module syllabi.


The MA in International Business Management has two pathways which are highlighted below:
The MA in International Business Management is awarded for 180 credits.
Module title Status UK credit ECTS
International Business Strategy Core 20 10
Organisational Behaviour and Leadership Core 20 10
Financial Analysis for Managers Core 20 10
Intermediate Award of Postgraduate Certificate in International Business Management 60 30
International Marketing Management Core 20 10
Business Research Methods Option /Core if taking the Dissertation module 20 10
Digital Marketing Option 20 10
Creative Cultural Tourism Option 20 10
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Elective 20 10
Intermediate Award of Postgraduate Diploma in International Business Management 120 60
Heritage Management Option 20 10
Futures and Design Thinking Option 20 10
Human Resource Strategies for the International Manager Option 20 10
Managing Global Projects and Events Option 20 10
Dissertation/Creative Project/Start-up Project Option (but may take Business Research Methods as a prerequisite) 40 20
Award of MA in International Business Management 180 90
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Please Note: even if you meet our minimum admission requirements, we cannot guarantee you a place on the course.