Tuition Fee for International Students 2021/2022
Tuition Fees (UZS)*
Approx. amount in USD**
WIUT Academic Lyceum
per academic year
29,994,000 2,770 
Course in Pre-foundation Studies
per subject
7,630,000 705
Certificate of International Foundation Studies
per course
(120 credits)
41,712,000 3,853
Undergraduate Courses
per academic  year
(120 credits) 
41,712,000 3,853 
Postgraduate Courses
per course
(180 credits)
57,960,000 5,354
Certificate of Special Study in Teaching and Learning
per course
(60 credits)
19,320,000 1,785 

*University reserves the right to change the tuition fees.
**Based on the exchange rate on December 14, 2021. For up-to-date exchange rate information, please refer to the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan currency rate.