MA in Learning and Teaching
(English for Specific Purposes)

Pathway details

The WIUT MA in Learning and Teaching (English for Specific Purposes) is THE ONLY programme in Uzbekistan welcoming English Language teachers working at non-language teaching institutions.

If you are an EFL/ESL teacher who has been teaching English to students in any other field, this means you are among those ESP teachers who are in great demand in our country. The course provides you with the opportunity to upgrade in your career to be able to create a better learning environment for your students.  

This course will prepare you to design and teach an ESP course at your educational institution. You will learn to conduct needs analysis, use strategies and methods in ESP teaching, adapt and use authentic materials to meet learners’ needs, as well as design a lesson plan and teaching materials for an ESP class.  

Our new MA in Learning and Teaching (English for Specific Purposes) degree will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge.


MA in Learning and Teaching (English for Specific Purposes) is awarded for 180 credits   

Core modules (140 credits)
Module title
Teaching English for Specific and Professional Purposes (ESPP)
Supporting Student Learning 
Assessment matters
Developing Educational Research Practices
Dissertation/Project in Learning and Teaching ESP

This course will be the platform for building a network of professionals who will support each other in changing the language learning environment for the students throughout Uzbekistan.