Monday, 14 May 2018 04:52

New Academic Talent-2018

On 23rd of April, 2018, WIUT students competed for the proud title of New Academic Talent. Asrorbek Orzikulov, a final year student, with his undergraduate thesis " Does the Fama-French model perform better than the Capital Asset Pricing Model? Evidence from Russia" was awarded the first place in the annual WIUT New Academic Talent competition. 

Many student dissertations were submitted for the competition and the best three were selected for the second round. Two other finalists were: Yu Elena (Impact of being self-employed on life satisfaction. Evidence from South Korea) and Nigora Turaeva (Determinants of female entrepreneurship. The case of Central Asia). Importantly, the guidance and countless support of student supervisors, particularly Qobiljon Yunusov and Muzaffar Ahunov, must be acknowledged.

In the second round, finalists presented their papers in front of 80+ company representatives and academics. Students had the opportunity to present themselves, their dissertation, network with employers and receive valuable comments. Papers and presentations were judged based on originality, substance, analytical nature, and clarity of writing and oral presentation.

On 11th of May the winner was awarded  a Tablet PC and all finalists received WIUT apparel and had lunch with the Deans.

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