BA (Hons) in Business Administration

BA (Hons) in Business Administration

The BA (Hons) in Business Administration is a three-year full time course recognised around the world. The BA (Hons) Business Administration aims to give students an education in the key areas of business, providing an understanding of underpinning theories, tools and techniques.

The course covers such business related areas as Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Human Resource Management or General Management. It offers a practical as well as a theoretical understanding of the main business tools and concepts so that you can start and develop your own business. While opening doors to different career prospects, the course is also suitable for developing a teaching/academic career in a challenging and practical subject area.

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Course Aims

  • To produce graduates who understand the rapidly changing world of business and its role in the wider society;
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities graduates require to respond proactively to contemporary issues and the challenges of the business environment;
  • To equip graduates with the knowledge, understanding and academic skills to continue to post-graduate study;
  • To produce graduates who are confident in developing the personal and intellectual attributes necessary for success in employment;
  • To encourage students to reflect on the knowledge, values and assumptions that underpin their understanding of business and business management;
  • To encourage students to reflect on the impact of their own actions and that of others on the world of business and the wider society;
  • To provide students with the opportunity to specialize in a functional area of business within a broad-based business context;
  • To promote the practical skills of processing information, identifying and formulating problems, analyzing business environments and applying business management skills;
  • To introduce, explain and apply the functions of the marketing, human resource, information management and finance departments within a modern business environment.

Course Structure

 Core modules
Fundamentals of Management 
Data Analysis and Information Management in Business
Financial Accounting
Business Communications 
Principles of Marketing
Human Resources Management
Management Accounting
Marketing Management
Operations Management
Strategy in Complex World
Developing Small Business
Contemporary Legal Issues in Business
One Semester
 One Semester
 One Semester
 One Semester
 One Semester
 One Semester
 One Semester
One Semester
One Semester

Optional modules

  • Marketing Research
  • Retailing Business
  • Cross Cultural Management
  • Professional Practice Learning from Work
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • International Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Professional Practices Learning from Work

 Elective modules

  •  Web Technology
  • Industrial Organisation
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Trade
  • Information Systems Management
  • Money and Banking
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Securities
  • Strategic Management Accounting And Performance Measurement
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Investment and Risk Management

What are the minimum Entry requirement

Entry requirements for the BA Business Administration have been set in order to select potential students who have proven academic ability and are able to demonstrate a solid foundation of skills in both Mathematics and English. The admissions policy aims to attract and recruit motivated applicants across the full range of possible access routes. Students may have a background in any academic discipline. We encourage applications from students with disabilities. The admissions policy follows, wherever possible the equal opportunities policies of the University of Westminster.

The over-riding principle upon which admission decisions are based is that applicants should be likely to benefit from, and succeed on, the course. Intending students will have to meet age, English language, Mathematics and general requirements.

General Requirements

Applicants must have studied a broad range of subjects and have a school leaving certificate equivalent to GCSE/’O’ Level e.g. the Uzbek Certificate of Secondary Education (Attestat). In addition applicants should satisfy at a minimum one of the following requirements, namely:

  • Successfully completion of an appropriate International Foundation course which includes a pass on an Academic English module or equivalent; or
  • Successful completion of the WIUT Lyceum’s Attestat, and the WIUT International Foundation, course including the Academic English module;
  • Successful completion of the first year of an appropriate degree course in a recognised Uzbek or similar university; or
  • Two GCE A level passes (in any subject excluding mother tongue), plus three GCSE passes at grade C or above including English Language and Mathematics; or NC/ND or HNC/HND. (The range of academic disciplines studied is not hereby restricted, but certain vocational courses such as City and Guilds would not satisfy the admissions requirements.); or
  • An Advanced General National Vocational Qualification (GNVQ); or
  • Any other equivalent qualification normally accepted as entry requirements (e.g. International Baccalaureate, etc).

 Age Requirements

Normally applicants will have to reach the age of at least 18 years old at the date of enrolment. For the purpose of this regulation, the academic year runs from 1st October to 30th September.

 English Language and Mathematics Requirement

Applicants must:

  • Have had their secondary educations through the medium of English and gained grade C or above in the equivalent of GCSE English; or
  • Have an IELTS score of 6 with a minimum of 6 in the writing component or the equivalent score at TOEFL or other University of Westminster recognised English Test according to the WIUT/UoW conversion table; or
  • Have successfully completed an appropriate International Foundation course and passed an Academic English Language module.
  • Applicants must have an acceptable level of competence in Mathematics. This could be demonstrated by one of the following:
  • A pass in a maths test approved by the University of Westminster; or
  • Grade C or above in GCSE/’O’ Level Mathematics (or its equivalent); or
  • A pass in Quantitative Methods on an appropriate Foundation course

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