Intensive Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (ICPFS)

Intensive Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (ICPFS)

The Intensive Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (ICPFS) is designed for graduates of lyceums/schools, who wish to study at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) starting from September 2019. The main purpose of the ICPFS is to improve English and Mathematical skills of future entrants to WIUT. The modules are delivered in full-time mode, where the same Academic Quality Assurance process and academic delivery structure with WIUT university courses are applied.

Admissions Requirements

Entry requirements for the Intensive Course in Pre-Foundation Studies have been set in order to select potential students who have proven academic ability and are able to demonstrate a solid foundation of skills in both Mathematics and English. Intending students should meet the following criteria:

Age requirement
Normally there is no age requirements for the academic entry to the ICPFS.

English Language requirement
English language ability equivalent to:
o 5.0 of IELTS

Mathematics requirement

Competence in Mathematics equivalent to:
o 30% or higher in the WIUT CPFS entrance exam, or 30% or more in the WIUT Maths entrance exam
o 11 years of State Secondary Education Mathematics
* If an Attestate or school Certificate is not issued yet, applicants should provide officially approved transcript from school or Lyceum.
General requirements:
Applicants must have completed 11 years of Secondary Education in Uzbekistan or equivalent in another country.
Documents to Submit
• Current passport format photograph
• Passport copy
• Completed WIUT Application form
• Relevant evidence for admission requirements

Tuition fees:

• 10,000,000 UZS per module.


• 2,500,000 UZS Scholarship Fee Waiver is available to all candidates on acceptance of the academic offer of a place on the course. This is a non-cash offer.

Intensive CPFS admission schedule

Arrangement type Dates

Online application: 11 February – 1 March
Results announcement: 5 March
Contracts distribution and payment: 11-15 March
Start of the Course 18 March

Application link: APPLY

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