Supporting scientific raster array querying using GeoSPARQL

Published in Research Seminars


The integration of raster data over spatial data and supporting multidimensional array with GeoSPARQL is one of the non-discovered aspects in the world of GIS. Raster data is about querying a matrix of equal sized cells where each cell stores particular information. The matrix or array might be an imaginary from satellites, digital photos and statistical data on earth or space. On the other hand, GeoSPARQL is used to represent and query geospatial data in RDF on the Semantic Web and it supports an extension for processing geospatial information. Current work tests and develops five algorithms, which integrate the raster data with spatial data stored as RDF, to enable users query these two different types of data in the same manner in the most efficient way. At the last, the optimal algorithm for the proposed issue will be chosen.