SAP Next-Gen Lab Opening Featured

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On March 26, 2019, WIUT held an official opening ceremony of the SAP Next-Gen Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab.
The laboratory was created in partnership with SAP in order to train highly qualified personnel of international level in the framework of expanding training activities and applied research in the field of modern ICT and innovative business solutions.

Within the framework of this laboratory, university students will be engaged in the development and testing of IT solutions for the credit and financial sector based on the blockchain, machine learning and big data analysis. The students of WIUT will also get access to SAP platform solutions. In particular, immediately after the launch of the site, they will be trained in data analysis on the SAP S4 / HANA platform. In addition, SAP will provide students access to the same training courses and programs as in Germany, the United States and other countries.

WIUT aims to bring the best international educational practices in the field of university training for young professionals in Uzbekistan. In addition to the latest equipment and technology from SAP, students working at the SAP Next-Gen Lab get access to various training courses, hackathons and master classes.

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