Professional Course "Assessment Matters" Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

volkova courseWestminster International University in Tashkent is launching an executive education course on “Assessment Matters” for professional teachers of any discipline and level. The course “Assessment Matters” helps the participants to formulate a concept that helps to understand the role of assessment in the learning process.
The design of the course “Assessment Matters” is conducted in the way to ensure that participants are able to excel from the course through face-to-face workshops, online tasks, and project based assessment activities.

Upon the successful completion of the course, the participants will acquire following skills;
• Identify the purposes and principles of assessment and justify them in personal assessment practices.
• Critically evaluate the assessment approaches, techniques and types.
• Identify the steps and strategies for effective marking
• Design assessment criteria
• Provide effective feedback to learners.
• Demonstrate basic knowledge and skills in test development
The executive course “Assessment Matters” will start in the middle of October.