Eco Fair contest Featured

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Eco Fair contest that is intended to inform and inspire young people to action for a more sustainable future is taking place at WIUT on March 15, 2019. WIUT Students will present their eco-project proposals that offer a non-standard, innovative approach to solving various environmental issues, including saving energy and natural resources, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and reducing environmental pollution. 

eco fair 

The event is organized by WIUT Social Engagement Sector and the Students’ Union. At the same time, the fair is supported by various students’ clubs: WIUT MUN Society, Guitar Club, Art Club, and Warm Heart Foundation. Our talented artists will organize a charity art exhibition on the environmental topic. 

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The best projects that improve environmental performance will be implemented within the University. The winners will receive valuable prizes. The name of the winner will be announced during the Hashar Day scheduled to take place on 18 March, 2019.