The Talent Show was conducted among students of CPFS and served as a great opportunity for students to showcase their extraordinary talents and traits. The show included a variety of artistic performances from dancing, singing to playing an instrument.
The show commenced with the welcoming notes of Alan P. France and was followed with 12 spectacular performances. Below, you may see the list of participants and performances.

  1. Song “Only good vibes” by Tashmukhamedova Kamola
  2. Song “Древнерусская тоска” by Shokirov Jafar
  3. Rubik’s cube by Rustamova Mukhabbat
  4. Song “Hurt” by Kamolova Sitora
  5. The poem “Letter to editors” by Shokirov Jafar
  6. Song “Don’t stop the music” by Alieva Jasmin
  7. Song “Shallow” by Safiulina Alina and Zufarova Dilshoda
  8. Dance by Shokirov Jafar
  9. Dance “Can’t stop the feeling” Jasmina Alieva, Tsoy Ekaterina, Abdullaeva Malika
  10. Mems presentation
  11. Video presentation
  12. The final song “Navruz” by all participants  

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