WIUT Math Exam for Self-financed Studies (contract)

wiut_maths_exam.jpgFrom this year all applicants can register for the Math Exam from home, in advance, using the electronic registration system which can be accessed through WIUT website. After the registration WIUT staff will remotely approve all applications and send a confirmation or rejection email to the applicant with instructions for further action.

Register here: REGISTER for MATH EXAM

Exam dates (2014-2015) Registration deadline Venue
February 12 6 February till 17:00 Tashkent, Urgench
March 5 19 February till 17:00 Tashkent, Samarqand
March 26 12 March till 17:00 Tashkent, Andijan
April 16 2 April till 17:00 Tashkent, Bukhara
May 21 7 May till 17:00 Tashkent, Fergana
June 18 4 June till 17:00 Tashkent
July 16 2 July till 17:00 Tashkent
August 13 30 July till 17:00 Tashkent

The passmark is 40%. Applicants are given 3 chances to pass the exam. If an applicant gets a mark below 40%, s/he will have to skip the next Maths Exam. IMPORTANT: Applicants applying for WIUT Scholarship should not register for a WIUT Math Exam designed for self-financed studies (contract). If they do so, they will NOT be allowed to apply for a scholarship. Find more about WIUT Scholarship here.

If you qualify to become a new WIUT student for the Academic Year 2014-2015 your next step is to complete the procedures for New Students.

Math exam papers from previous years:

* Notes:

  1. The above listed exams are conducted only for self-financed students. 
  2. To open the sample exam papers, you may need to install pdf reader software such as STDU viewer or Foxit reader.
  3. Applicants who attended math exam for contract cannot take part in scholarship math+logic exam.