Aspects of Marketing ManagementВ 

This module aims to assist you in identifying the main contribution of marketing to organisation objectives.

Studying this module, you will learn and understand:

  • The nature of the marketing process: the organisation’s internal and external marketing environment within domestic / international framework;
  • The nature of marketing management. You will develop abilities to plan, organise, implement and control marketing activities;
  • Marketing strategy; relationship between corporate and marketing strategy; what the difference between strategic and tactical issues of marketing is and how and when to apply them; how to create and use competitive advantage; marketing strategy in international dimensions;
  • The nature of marketing planning: the stages of the planning process, different approaches to planning, the impact of the external and internal environment on the decision-making process;
  • The marketing plan: vision, objectives, strategic options and evaluation of alternatives;
  • How to do marketing analysis, what internal and external marketing audits are, how to outperform competition, how to conduct analysis of international markets;
  • Control and evaluation methods in planning, periodic plan control, co-ordination of marketing activities;
  • International marketing: competitive strategies in global markets;
  • Marketing in the new Millennium: the implications of the changing marketing environment, organisational structures and technologies (e-commerce) on the marketing strategies.