MA in International Business Management

Course Details

The course is designed for students seeking a career that included both international and local focuses; as such it represents a crucial part of the increasing internationalisation of the WIUT’s postgraduate portfolio.

Usually many of our students expect to pursue careers in multinational companies after graduation. It is natural in this light that the course should have an important international emphasis. The course thus places great weight on the study of business management in international and local contexts.

The programme reflects the main functional areas of business – accounting, marketing, finance, economics, information technology, human resources and strategy and provides an opportunity for graduates to develop their knowledge and management skills. It integrates theoretical knowledge with practical application.

The increasing fragmentation of media and communications, the changing role of women at work, the increased reliance on information technology, and the shift of the ideological centre of gravity towards economic liberalism have all conspired to challenge the traditional notions of work and lifetime employment. The course team recognise these changes in both the teaching and assessment contained within the module syllabi.

The philosophy of the course places much emphasis on the integration of theory and practice within an international environment and this is reflected in the teaching and learning strategy. A variety of teaching methods aim to enable you to master the key concepts in the business management field and to achieve a deeper understanding of these. The teaching approach is based on a combination of structured lectures backed by seminar sessions. You are encouraged to be proactive in your approach to learning, by undertaking research and simulation exercises, and working in teams. You are also expected to spend an appropriate amount of time in private study.

Entry Requirements

General Requirements

Applicants should normally hold a first degree from a recognised institution with a minimum of second lower class honours (2:2 or equivalent).

Core modules

Aspects of Marketing Management
The module aims to determine the creation of customer value through various marketing management concepts and theories; evaluate strategic marketing plan and propose the application of relevant business models in a local and international context; interpret the drivers of globalization and analyze the impact of culture and multinationalism on marketing strategy, branding and channels of distribution; encourage the development of critical analysis and strategic thinking through the use of business case studies, field visits and business simulations

Optional modules

Business Research Methods
The module aims to develop students’ knowledge of effective and academic research design at master’s level and provide guidance on the purpose and design of literature reviews, strategies of research, problem definition and ethical considerations; ensure students have an advanced understanding of how the range of qualitative and quantitative approaches can be most appropriately applied in business management (sub)contexts; develop students’ ability to identify/collect and analyse relevant data and literature sources and reference them appropriately; apply this knowledge and establish the most effectual research design and method for their project, and write a successful research proposal.