Course Details
The program is designed to prepare professionals for a career in the field of Human Resource Management [HRM] and Talent Development. Graduates will become proficient in enabling an organization to align and develop its HRM policies, procedures and practices to the strategy of the organization. They will also explore the acquisition, development and sustainability of the Talent within the organization.

Aims of the course
The course aims at producing graduates that are capable of:
  • Applying concepts, principles and theories used in human resource management and talent development contexts;
  • Developing, implementing and evaluating HRM specific strategies, policies, procedures and processes that contribute to organizational performance;
  • Analyzing regulatory aspects, ethical, health and safety challenges faced in work environment for effective employee and labor relations;
  • Evaluating strategic aspects that underpin the role of HRM and managing talent in organization;
  • Analyzing frameworks that can be employed for talent development, so that the organization can design, develop and sustain its performance.
  • Evaluating and utilizing, models, tools and techniques in HRM and talent development to analyze work situation and develop solutions to an organizational problem;
  • Planning and executing independent research in the field of HRM and talent development that engages with stakeholders in an ethical, collaborative, professional and accountable manner.
Course structure
In order to be awarded a MA in Human Resource Management and Talent Development, a student must pass modules worth at least 180 credits and attempt modules worth no more than 240 credits.
Modules are described as:

Core modules
are ones that must be undertaken and passed by all students on the course.

Option modules
are related to your specific course from which you must choose.

Elective modules
are free choice from the WIUT Postgraduate elective catalogue (subject to pre-requisite requirements and availability).

Entry Requirements

Admissions Requirements
Entry requirements for the MA Human Resource Management and Talent Development have been set in order to select potential students who have proven academic ability undertake a UK Master’s degree course.
The admissions policy aims to attract and recruit motivated applicants across the full range of possible access routes. Students may have a background in any academic discipline. The over-riding principle upon which admission decisions are based is that applicants should be likely to benefit from and succeed on the course.
Formal Higher Education
English Language Requirement
Work/Professional Experience
Age Requirements
Please Note: even if you meet our minimum admission requirements, we cannot guarantee you a place on the course

Recognition of Prior Learning
Applicants with prior certificated or experiential learning at the same level of the qualification for which they wish to apply are advised to visit the following page for further information: