Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) mission is to provide International Standard of Higher Education and Research opportunities that contribute to the intellectual, social and professional development of the Central Asian communities as well as making a contribution to the Global Community. WIUT provides the British Higher Education on the programmes validated by the University of Westminster, London, UK, at affordable fees for students of Uzbekistan and other countries. It is a unique institution in Central Asia, blending the traditions of the British University Education with the culture of Central Asia; implanting the standards that make British Education world renowned for its quality, offering affordable and relevant university education that makes a difference, as demonstrated by the quality of our graduates and their contribution.

WIUT is a new but well established University

WIUT was established in 2002 by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and was the first university to provide internationally accredited degrees in Central Asia. Since its formation, WIUT has delivered University of Westminster (UK) validated Bachelor (Honours) degree courses in Business Administration, Business Computing, Economics, and Commercial Law; postgraduate courses the MA in International Business and Management and Postgraduate Certificate in Special Study in Teaching and Learning. WIUT is now planning to develop new Postgraduate/Professional course in each of its areas of Study as well as its Research and Commercial programmes.

WIUT, being an established institution has now an Academic Lyceum under its own name, as enacted by a Cabinet of Ministers decree. This will enable WIUT to expand as WIUT has also acquired a new building, doubling the capacity of the university.

Moreover, university’s learning centre in Zarafshan is functioning since June 2009, where prospective students can get prepared for WIUT exams and get detailed information about our University. This centre, which is located in an acceptable place for the residents of the town, was established in common with the close partners of the University “Oxus Gold Services” the British company and JV “Amantaytau Goldfields”. Academic Lyceum and Zarafshan Leaning centre were officially opened by HRH Prince Michael of Kent on May 27-28, 2009, who visited Uzbekistan at the end of May 2009.

Graduates and graduate destination

90 percent of WIUT graduates gain employment in the first three months of graduation, an exceptional performance comparable to any International University. WIUT graduates are one of the most competitive in the open labour market where major international and national companies hire them because of their intellectual capability, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills and the international degree they gain at WIUT from the University of Westminster (UK). In addition, 5% of our students continue their studies in International Universities in the UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, USA and other foreign countries.

International university

WIUT is an International University. Being a member of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Consortium, the University has a staff and student exchange programme. Studying at WIUT means great visa support for European countries, especially the UK. In addition, WIUT students can continue their study abroad with the International recognition the University of Westminster (UK) degree provides. WIUT also has an international set of students from 15 countries that have elected to study at WIUT. Our staff are also international with approximately 15 percent representing foreign countries and all our academic staff have International Masters and/or PhD degrees, and majority of the Administrative/Support staff also have international degrees.

Academic quality

The University of Westminster (UK) assures the Academic Quality of the courses at WIUT. Students are registered as University of Westminster (UK) students, they are subject to the same Academic Regulations as those students registered in London, the same systems of academic monitoring, learning and assessment are employed in WIUT. These are subject to validation and verification, audit and review by the University of Westminster (UK) or any UK body that needs to ensure the integrity and quality of the WIUT courses. Entry requirements to WIUT are the same as the entry requirements to University of Westminster (UK). The high standard of entry and the quality of learning means that WIUT student’s average academic performance is as high if not higher than the student’s studying in the UK. English is the language of instruction and assessment at WIUT, students need to have a high level of Academic English – their ability to successfully communicate in English is a significant advantage for their future.

Quality of staff

Certainly, the qualitative education can only be provided by staff quality. Therefore, WIUT has a comprehensive staff professional development programme and a research strategy that encourages staff to be at the forefront of their subject. WIUT enables its staff to continue their professional development overseas, through in-house programmes in partnership with colleagues in the UK and has launched the only professional Post Graduate course for teachers. It encourages Research and the application of research into teaching, the publication of research and the development and application of research into practice.

WIUT staff are unique and dynamic individuals who are committed to developing their professional practice and therefore ensure the highest quality of learning for students.