Held for the first time in Uzbekistan TEDxMustaqillikSquare has been a phenomenal success. Initiators of the project were the  graduates and students of leading Universities such as WIUT, UWED etc., as it united the most talented, passionate and enthusiastic young people.

To begin with TED (Technology Entertainment Design) is a private non-profit foundation well-known for the organization of annual conferences since 1984 in Monterrey (California). The major goal of creating TED was to spread “ideas worth spreading”, to share experience and knowledge on technology, science, culture, design, politics and many other spheres with general audience. Each lecture (TED Talk) is recorded and published on the TED’s official website and YouTube for common use.

It should be stated that communities, particular people or countries have to get the license from TED in order to organize this challenging event and in this case this kind of TED events in other countries are called TEDx.  In Uzbekistan TEDx was initiated by a small number of vigorous and active people: graduates, professionals, students and volunteers. Umidjon Yorkulov, a WIUT student  shared his view on TEDx in Tashkent: “TED – is an opportunity to start a journey to the world of speakers. When you listen to their ideas and projects you start to dive unwittingly into their world, where these ideas where born and realized. I find these journeys very exciting and educational and want to circulate their best. I really hope that TEDxMustaqillikSquare participants are enjoying from the trip to the world of speakers.”

            Alisher Sabirov, participant and also WIUT staff member has noted that he is “very proud that young generation is so passionate about sharing knowledge and ideas” and that “TEDxMustaqillikSquare is a great opportunity for everyone to get information and useful ideas and also to share their own views and ways of achieving success”.

Photo credits: Ruslan Rakhmatov

Photo credits: Ruslan Rahmatov