Students who attained exceptionally high marks in their undergraduate courses of study during the academic year 2015-16 were awarded with certificates and memorable gifts on 2 February 2017 at WIUT.

The Rector of the university Komiljon Karimov congratulated students on their achievements and wished that their future efforts are equally successful and rewarding.

The award ceremony was followed by the Students Union’s presentation of the Course Representatives’ Association. WIUT has had a Course Representatives’ Society from the very early days of its existence, but this academic year the Students’ Union stepped up with the initiative to rename the student representation body and to raise the role of Course Representatives, adding both to their responsibilities as well as the benefits they receive.


The Course Representatives elected by students for the second semester of the current academic year were awarded badges to indicate their distinguished role in the university.

Additionally, the SU Education and Welfare Executive Aziza Muminova presented a Course Representatives’ Handbook. The book designed by the Students Union will be awarded to each Course Rep to serve as a guide on the responsibilities as well as the benefits of the role.