Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) is recognized as the influential source of research within the Central Asian region and applauded for the quality and integrity of its research and educa-tion in international environment. Each member of WIUT community is actively engaged in research and scholarship pursuing to expand human knowledge through critical thinking, innovation and rigorous analysis.
Our university is young, yet always envisioned growing its research out-put and expanding its research network. We support student and faculty research through such activities as weekly research seminars and train-ings, annual research conferences, forums, summer schools, two-year research assistantship program, UoW and WIUT research collaboration fund, WIUT doctorate research fellowship etc. WIUT has a growing inter-national reputation and it is a fair reflection of the strategic efforts of the university in this direction.
There is more work to do and Research Digest series will serve as another important instrument to disseminate and share evidence-based research knowledge to a wider public and encourage collaboration between facul-ty members, policymakers, affiliated organizations and other research institutions.