Dear applicants,

You can register for the Maths Exam by the following link:

NOTE: Applicants MUST be registered for or have taken an IELTS exam BEFORE they can registrer for the Maths Examination.

NO applications for the scholarship exam will be accepted without proof of the IELTS registration.

The WIUT Maths Entrance Examination dates, deadlines for registration and cities where applicants can take the Maths examination are given in the table below:

Contract Math Entrance Exam



Deadline for Registration (till 17:00)

5th April


22nd March

26th April

Tashkent, Andijan

12th April

5th May

Tashkent, Urgench

24th April

30th May

Tashkent, Bukhara

17th May

7th June


24th May

Scholarship Math Exam

30th June 2017 (Friday)


13th of June, 2017

Places for each Exam are limited: 500 places for students from Tashkent and 100 for students from regions.

If you already have proof of maths proficiency (WIUT Maths exam result, GMAT, SAT or GCSE) visit the page “Apply to WIUT” for further instructions.

If you wish to take the WIUT maths exam, Please read the FAQ for the Maths Exam Registration before applying!

Important deadlines for admission can be found HERE.