In addition to delivering our undergraduate and postgraduate courses and engaging in academic research we have also developed a wide range of professional and executive courses to meet the needs of business, government and the NGO sector. Delivered by members of our academic staff the courses are subject to the same strict quality control as the delivery of the degree courses.

We help organizations and individual leaders move forward

We deliver top-quality education and training that is carefully designed for the needs of your organization, as well as unique access to the top minds in business—whether academic researchers or practitioners with experience running thriving organizations.

Today's Challenges

Executives today face a swiftly changing marketplace in which problems don’t come neatly labeled as marketing, finance, or operations. We draw on expertise beyond the traditional business school disciplines to help you think expansively about the challenges and opportunities ahead for your organization.

Current courses:

Marketing: Managing Segments and Customers – Professional Development Programme

Маркетинг: Управление сегментами рынка и клиентами – Курс профессионального развития

Business Management Professional Development Course

Курс профессионального развития «Бизнес менеджмент»

Feedback from participants:

“I would like to thank the Westminster International University in Tashkent for the organization of Business Management course at very high level. I would like to note the professionalism of lecturers of the course. Each theoretical part was supported with the unique experience of each speaker. It is worth a lot. It is pleasant to realise that business of Uzbekistan progresses, breaks the stereotypes and comes to absolutely new level, thanks to such professionals. I recommend all mid and top level managers to pay attention to this course and become its participant. Leave a comfort zone, study, develop, set the new purposes and reach them!”


“I express my gratitute to the Westminster International University in Tashkent for the high quality education. The teaching was on the high level, big volume of information was presented in a simple and comprehensive way, very interesting presentation approach and wonderful atmosphere. One of the main advantages is that the course included lot of practical classes. It was very interesting. I am very thankful for the obtained knowledge and skills. Excellent course! Recommend it to everyone!”


“I am thankful to the lecturers and organizers for this course! All material passed during the course will be useful both to businessmen and managers who aim to operate the company more competently taking into account the current situation in the market. The huge benefit is an existence of two simulations where it is possible to learn, besides the theory, to create strategy and to regulate pricing in practice and to witness the outcome on the mistakes. The course included that necessary minimum without which you will not make a step on a marketing track, however even to me – to the person who studied marketing at Institute and puts it daily into practice at work – it was very interesting and useful. For this month of training I understood a number of the mistakes, realized new opportunities and I will not be ashamed to confess that I feel inspired on further deepening in marketing. There is a strong desire to do, try, test and improve!”

 “I am feeling pleased with the obtained knowledge after completing the full course on a subject “Marketing: Managing Segments and Customers”. Material is captured very extensive and thoroughly worked out; there are a lot of necessary and important specifications. Information during each session was presented in a clear form and available to understanding. Examples from experience of different trademarks were used that allowed to understand a question essence even more deeply and widely. Especially I want to note as the most memorable session Business to Business Marketing. In the conclusion I want to thank lecturers Diana Khutsishvili, Zamira Ataniyazova, Nodirbek Kuzdekov, Aziz Gapparov for their invaluable knowledge and rich experience which they have shared with us!”

“I extend my gratitude to the administrative staff of Westminster International University in Tashkent and lecturers for organizing this course. Everything was on the top-level! Lecturers conducted the sessions in the interactive mode that promoted to the best understanding and perception of the material. Simulation was effective application of the gained knowledge in practice without any material losses for the "company". Moreover, exchange of experience both with lecturers and with listeners of a course was beneficial. I am looking forward to new courses!”


“The first things that I have learnt and begun to implement were the ideas gained after the following lectures such as Creating Customer Value, Marketing Strategy, Segmentation, Business to Business Marketing since the material was presented absolutely motivating and understandable. This obtained knowledge will facilitate in the realization of the goals and successful solution of a number of problems occurring in practice. Also to mention that the lecturers have the high level of professional skills, own a wide arsenal of practical marketing methods and background knowledge. I would like to thank Westminster International University in Tashkent for the organization of this course and I would recommend it to all specialists engaged in marketing!”

We provide our courses in the following areas:

  • Business and Management
  • Marketing
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Information Technologies and Management
  • Personal Development
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Economics
  • Education

As we strongly believe in focusing on the goals of our clients, we can also make an assessment of the needs of the clients and design a tailored course.


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