On 16th of February Westminster International University in Tashkent opened a new branch of  the Art Club in the dormitory № 1. In his opening speech Alisher Sabirov, the head of the WIUT Social Department, congratulated  students with the new branch of Art Club that  launched in the dorm and told them about the positive impact of extra – curricular activities on academic performance and development skills. 

Coordinator of the Art Club at WIUT – Oybek Kasimov said in his speech that opportunity to be involved in the club is very motivating and inspiring and he noticed that students are talented since they create very beautiful pictures during his classes in the club at WIUT.

One of the talented students, member of Art Club – Fotima Turgunboeva presented her picture and granted it for the dormitory.

Omon Akilbaev (a painter and a member of Academy of Arts of the Republic of Uzbekistan) has presented some of his artpeaces and  answered  to the questions of students. The  art exhibition was organized at the end of the event.