University Resources

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Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre is at the heart of students’ learning and is modelled on the latest approaches to learning. The Centre comprises a contemporary library and electronic learning facilities in comfortable surroundings. As a student you will be encouraged to use the learning centre facilities independently and you will have free access to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) resources across the University and in the dormitory.WIUT is the first Central Asian international university to employ international practices in library provision. The learning philosophy of Independent Learning requires extensive support for students.

University Library

resouces.jpgThe library is a key part of the learning resources of the University. The environment is that of an international university, with a customer focus and a mission enabling students to learn independently. There are different areas for students to work, either quietly on their own or in groups working on shared materials or group exercises. Students have open and free access to a range of information and learning materials including journals, electronic information as well as an extensive stock of printed materials. It is a modern environment where students can browse for books on the shelves, and make use of open access computers to surf the internet or work on their coursework.

The Library is open six days a week during term time. It also has a special short loan collection of key books so that all students have access to core materials. There is also an enquiry service and a photocopying facility. The library’s web-based on-line catalogue allows you to search by author, title or keyword, while a wide range of databases available via the web enables you to find material published worldwide. Both the on-line catalogue and the web-based datasets will be available for use throughout the University’s computer network.

Information Technology Learning Resources

resouces1.jpgThe University has an extensive network of PCs in public access work areas clustered in four large purpose-designed learning areas. Students have open access to all PCs up to 12 hours per day. The application of computers to support teaching and learning is an integral part of WIUT’s courses and students are encouraged to develop a high level of IT skills relevant to their academic discipline.

All students have access to the internet and will be provided with their own personal e-mail address. Software applications available on campus range from word processing to advanced statistical and mathematical packages as well as programming languages and there is software specialist to support particular courses. Training and help in basic computer use is available in the form of self-study courses, taught courses, on-line support as well as from the Learning Resources Help Desk. The University also has a Multimedia Resource Centre consisting of a TV and Radio studio and suite of computers which can be used to design and develop multimedia materials. Students make use of this resource and are encouraged to produce material, some of which has been broadcast on national television.