WIUT Academic Lyceum

litsey.jpgIn 2009 WIUT opened an Academic Lyceum as part of its strategy of providing high quality education for at all levels and its social commitment to the development of Uzbekistan.

The Lyceum is for forms 10 to 12, age 15 to 18 and in line with the National Framework for Secondary education will focus on the use of the English language. The final year will offer students the choice of studying at University course Certificate of International Foundation Studies (CPFS), taught in English.The Lyceum will be under the management of the University, adopting the same principles of integrity and quality, similar systems and regulations as that of the University. This is to ensure that the Lyceum offers the same high quality education as the University.

Entrance to the Lyceum is open to Uzbek citizens on a competitive bases on an entrance examination of English and Maths. In its first intake over 900 applied for the 150 places. International Students are admitted based on their school performance. There are no fees for Uzbekistan citizens who are admitted on a competitive basis; International students are charged the same fee as the international students of the University.

Entrance requirements:

The required documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of birth certificate or passport
  3. Copy of school certificate (attestat)
  4. 6 passport sized photos (3×4 cm)
  5. Medical reference
  6. One paper folder and one envelope
  7. Guarantee letter from parents of regional applicants (to be filled at WIUT)

The entrance exams for the Academic Lyceum will take place on July.

Download sample questions:

Download FAQ about the Academic Lyceum in:

tel: 238-74-31, 238-74-29, 238-74-27

You can get more detailed information about WIUT Lyceum from their own website: http://lyceum.wiut.uz