WIUT Graduates

grad_2009.jpgWIUT has been providing highly qualified graduates for the Uzbek labour market since 2005. Government agencies, private companies and international organisations, among many others, are interested in employing our graduates. International teaching standards, British education system and the application of latest teaching methods help our students to successfully establish their careers in those companies.

Career Development Centre was established at WIUT in order to assist in the future careers of our students. The Centre is an intermediary between students and employers and works towards successful employment of students. All students can use the services of the Career Development Centre, which organises Career days at WIUT once or twice a year.

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WIUT graduates are awarded University of Westminster (UK London) degrees.

Why choose WIUT?

Feedback from alumni.


Sardor Kariev, BA Business Administration (Hons), 2007

Place of work: JV “Jurabek Laboratories” LTD, General Director

‘WIUT exceeded all of my expectations. I was entering WIUT thinking that I was going to learn an overwhelming amount of subjects that would not really apply to my targets for the rest of my life. However I was mistaken. I not only gained understanding of the structure of the business world, but I gained an understanding of concepts such as finance, economics, banking and HR. WIUT was an experience that really helps me during my lifetime and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be a student of WIUT. I would like to recommend the Westminster International University in Tashkent to everyone who likes being challenged and wants interacting with a group of highly professional tutors who provide a great collection of business knowledge for students.’


Fazilat Allayarova, BSc Economics (Hons), 2008

Place of work: The Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan”, Project Manager

‘In my opinion, the type of University played a big role in the success of WIUT graduates at work. Whenever someone asks me where I studied, I tell them with pride that I studied at WIUT. These are not simple words, but a fact that has been proven by the successful work of WIUT graduates at various organizations. At WIUT we did not only learn theory, but the practical courseworks taught us to meet deadlines, to seriously approach tasks and to develop a sense of responsibility. Behind all the success of WIUT students lies the international education system of WIUT and the hard work of our professors. I am proud to have studied at WIUT.’


Eldor Tulyakov, BA Commercial law (Hons), 2008

Place of work: The Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan

‘In my opinion, international educational standards of WIUT and the fact that education is in the English language gives WIUT more advantages than other universities. In my current job knowledge of international norms and the English language is essential. The aptitude of WIUT students to comparatively analyze international and Uzbek norms enables them to play significant role in an organization.’


Oybek Shomarufov, BA Business Administration (Hons), 2007

Current place of work: Holis Guruh Auditor Company Ltd, Assistant Auditor

‘My education at WIUT proved to be very useful and interactive, I learned a lot about presentations, writing essays, application of analytical skills, business law and accounting. I would also like to stress the opportunity that was given to me to improve my English greatly.’


Rustam Yusupov, BSc Economics (Hons), 2007

Place of work: UzExpertiza company under Ministry for Foreign Economic relations, investments and trade, SBM trade (trader)

‘In my current work the education I got at WIUT and the knowledge of English language give me a lot of opportunities. I hope WIUT will stay one of the best education providers in Central Asia in the future.’