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The University believes that its responsibility is to help you learn and learn independently. It has therefore established a special service, similar to that found in all UK universities, designed to help students with non-academic issues, problems and concerns. The Student Support Service provides support to students, such as health care, advice on study related issues and other personal issues, as well as accommodation.The objective of the service is to help you to adapt to the different learning environment and the pressures it may bring. In particular it exists to help international students to adapt to the cultural environment and to provide support on visa applications, registration, medical insurance, etc.

For new students there is an induction programme at the start of the academic year. The University along with the Students’ Union organises a programme of events designed to help new students settle in and make friends.

WIUT Students’ Union

su.jpgWIUT has its Students’ Union, which is run by students for students. The Students’ Union is essentially the social and support centre of the University, organising events and offering student support services and counseling in academic, non-academic, career and recreational perspectives. Being involved in the various activities of the WIUT Students’ Union could help enhance what you take away from your university experience.

Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates who are well-rounded individuals who can demonstrate a balance between work and social life at university and beyond. This invaluable and priceless experience can be gained in the Students’ Union.The Students’ Union also provides support when a student encounters difficulties, acting as a representative body. Students are encouraged to find independent sources of help and also provide feedback on the quality of the courses and University services.

The Students’ Union will be providing such feedback and helping to improve the quality of your experience. Besides the Union acts as a liaise for transparency and makes the student’s voice heard in the highest academic meetings.

WIUT SU has the unique and both locally and internationally recognized governing system which is independent and done by the Board members- Executives; who are elected by popular vote for one-year term. WIUT SU, in addition, has the Senior Advisory Board and the Supreme Court maintaining the quality of the Executives work.

The Board, which is the only executive and first legislative Union body, consists of six positions. They are President, General Manager (Vice President), General Secretary, Education and Welfare, Events and Entertainment and Information and Communication. No individual can hold a position for more than one year and serve on the Executive for more than two years. The election process is open and conducted by the Single Transferable Vote system, again in accordance with international standards. WIUT SU also cooperates with the Course Representatives so as to guarantee that the objective feedback gained from them. Moreover, Education and Welfare Executive, separately from the SU Board, coordinates Course Representatives in their task accomplishment, helping them in process and ensuring the Quality.

The projects and traditions initiated and supported by the WIUT SU are:

  • Four annual recreational events as Freshers’ Party, New Year Ball, Spring Party and Closing Party;
  • Sport events as Football Tournament, Chess Championship and Students’ Olympics;
  • Cyber events as Computer Games’ Championship and Programming Society;
  • Career and skills’ development as in the Professional Club;
  • Intellectual Clubs as Debates, Jeopardy Championship and the most popular one- Chto? Gde? Kogda? games and Students’ Intellectual League;
  • Languages and Courses as Spanish, German, French and Waltz & Dancing and Guitar Club;
  • Media Society as SUNewspaper distributed for free, University Radio and Cinematography club;
  • Decentralized Course Representatives Society coordinated by the Education and Welfare Executive with no SU Board interference;
  • Research and Development Centre;
  • Offense Panel Support.

Moreover, SU organizes guest lectures, practical courses and offers unique innovations each year. WIUT SU is the first University Student Body in the Central Asia which operates under comprehensive and recognized and compulsory SU Code-Constitution, which is unique both in its content and approach of delivery.

WIUT SU is the place students can govern themselves, actively participate in social life, gain exclusive experience and practice their University provided knowledge. “International opportunity and international standards” in WIUT is the motto not just University but Students’ Union imply as well.

Sport at the University

lyceum_football.jpgThe students have established a set of sports societies that have been supported by the University. For the first time in Central Asia, there is a University with a Rugby Team! This was established at the request of students. In addition to rugby students can also become involved in other sports such as football, basketball and tennis. The University has hired professional coaches to help students improve their sporting skills and makes use of good quality local sporting facilities for the sports clubs. Click here to get more information about sport at WIUT.

Sports Events plan 

Sports Event Title Participants
Mini football championship Students
Basketball championship Students
Badminton tournament dedicated to the “Day of Defenders of the Motherland” Students/Staff
Table tennis championship Students
Arm-wrestling championship Students
WIUT Badminton tournament Students
Sports day – relay race Staff
Open Badminton tournament “Navruz Shukuhi” Students/Staff
SU Cup – Mini football Students
Volleyball championship Students
WIUT Open Badminton tournament Students
Spartakiad Staff


If you have enrolled to study at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and you are from a region of Uzbekistan or an international student, you may apply for a place at WIUT Hall of Residence (dormitory).

DormitoryBefore applying, you should first pay your tuition fee for studying at WIUT and then the fee for staying at the Hall of Residence according to the set tariffs for 2015-2016 Academic year as indicated below:

  • Uzbekistan citizens from regions pay 291 000 UZB soums per month
  • International students pay the equivalent of 200 $ per month based on Uzbekistan Central Bank exchange rate

The fee is paid in single payment for the whole duration of 8 months stay at the dormitory.

For more information please see:

The WIUT Hall of Residence offers basic hostel accommodation. It is located within about 20 minutes travelling time of the University by public transport. The Hall is a nine-storey building with a wide range of facilities including a computer lab, kitchen (for you to do your own cooking), gym for fitness activities and a health room on the ground floor. The first and second floors consist of flats for teachers. The other floors are reserved for students. Each floor consists of ten twin rooms and one twin room for disabled students and a shared kitchen with dining area. Each two rooms have a shared shower, toilet and washbasin.

Price includes all communal expenditures and residential services. The payment is accepted by cash and bank transferring. For more information please contact the accounting department at: (+99871) 2387400

The procedure is as follows:

1.     Pay your tuition fee for studying at WIUT (this means that a student is given Unconditional Offer).

2.     Fill in the application form and submit it to Social Department via e-mail

– Application.Uzbek.For CIFS students

 Application. Russian. For CIFS students

– Application.Uzbek.For Level 4-5-6

– Application.Russian. For Level 4-5-6

3.     Consideration of the candidates by the following requirements:

Priority is given first to CIFS, then Level 4, Level 5, Level 6 students 

Students from Kibray, Chirchik and Yangiyul regions of Tashkent province are considered last if there are available rooms in the Hall.
Students who are in the list of Module retrievers are considered last if there are available rooms in the Hall.

Students who violated Dormitory Regulations are deprived the right to stay in the Hall.

4.     The list of the approved candidates is sent to the WIUT Law Department where the candidates should approach to for making dormitory-stay contract.

5.     Pay fee for staying at the Hall of Residence according to the above tariffs.

6.     Submit the receipt for settlement to the Head of the Hall.


·         For CIFS students from August 1 till August 25

·         For Level 4 students from August 26 till September 2

·         For Level 5-6 students from September 3 till September 10

The reservation is based on the criteria terms above, because the rooms are limited and placement to every student is not guaranteed. 

For more information, please contact at: or 238-74-41 ext. 439.



WIUT Hall of Residence address:
Tashkent, Mirabad district
Yangi Zamon street, 1a
tel. 291-91-61

University’s counseling psychologist

University’s counseling psychologist Boboyor B. Turaev is committed to helping students, faculty and administration meet the challenges of life by encouraging healthy personal choices and balanced perspectives. Psychological counseling and all other clinical services of the University’s counseling psychologist are confidential: No information is released without the person's consent, unless required by law.

Students, faculty and administration seeking for counseling and psychological services for a wide variety of reasons, including: stress, depression and anxiety; fears, life crises; balancing life and work, identity issues; relationship concerns; difficulty with loss or other life transitions; problems related to bad habits, as well as many other issues of concern may approach directly to room #204 IB or via e-mail or telephones: +99871 2387405 +99893 5630153 ext 487.

These services are provided free of charge in Uzbek, Russian or English languages for all who study and work at WIUT.

Events and activities organized by students

Culture Week
Organized by Students’ Union

Culture Week – 2014
Culture Week – 2013
Culture Week – 2012
Culture Week – 2011
Culture Week – 2010

WIUT Drama Club
Organized and performed by the talented WIUT students

2014 – "Deadly Earnest"
2013 – “The Admirable Crichton”
2012 – “The Servant of Two Masters”
2012 – “Sure Thing”
2011 – A play by Agatha Christie and Drama Club’s 5th Anniversary
2010 – “Про Федота-Стрельца Удалого Молодца”
2010 – “Charley’s Aunt”
2009 – “Laugh at Us, Laugh with Us”
2008 – “Matchmaker”
2007 – “Importance of Being Ernest”

WIUT Model United Nations
Organized by WIUT students

2014 – Model UN Conference at WIUT
2013 – Model United Nations Club at WIUT
2013 – 2nd Model United Nations at Westminster
2013 – The first ever Model G8 Summit in Uzbekistan
2012 – Model UN Conference at WIUT