International Students

IMG_6519+Uzbekistan is a country with rich history. As part of the ancient Great Silk Road, for centuries it has been a thoroughfare for travelers who have brought with them different cultures, traditions, inventions and thoughts. Similarly, while studying at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) you will find not only national atmosphere, but also an international one brought in by our British partner the University of Westminster (London).

Tashkent is a beautiful and  safe city with an eclectic combination of ancient and modern. The city boasts great number of sightseeing places, museums, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports centres, etc. The University campus is located in the very city centre and is easily reachable by all forms of public transport – subway, bus, etc. For more information please visit the website of Tashkent city.

WIUT has a vibrant student life and a unique community of students. International students mix well with their Uzbek fellows, enjoying the opportunity to learn and understand different cultures. The University is growing more diverse in its student population and is proud to welcome students from different backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicity and religions.

Immigration and visas

CIS nationals

If you are a national of a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country (except Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan), you can enter Uzbekistan as a student with a minimum of formality. You do not require a visa but you will need your passport for registration at local Immigration Authorities of Uzbekistan.


If you are not a national of the CIS or you are Turkmen, Tajik or Kyrgyz national, you must meet certain immigration requirements. You are required to obtain an entry visa before coming to Uzbekistan. You can obtain this locally (in your own country) at the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate. To come to Uzbekistan as a student you will have to do the followings:

  • Apply to WIUT online;
  • Receive a letter of unconditional acceptance for a study;
  • Transfer tuition fee payment before the start of Academic Year, i.e. 20th September;
  • Provide your travel documents’ details for your visa and registration support in Tashkent.

Important note: Do not enter Uzbekistan on a visitor’s visa with the intention of being registered as a student at a later date. You can only enter the country with a student visa.

Getting to Tashkent

You can get to Tashkent by air from most countries (within the CIS, Asia, Europe and the USA). When you arrive at Tashkent airport, you will pass through immigration and customs (please contact the Uzbek Embassy or Consulate for information about customs regulations BEFORE you leave for Uzbekistan).


Dormitory.gifWhile studying at WIUT, you can either stay in your own private accommodation or apply to live in the University Hall of Residence. There are approximately 160 places in the Hall. You will need to apply as soon as possible on receiving confirmation of your study place at WIUT. The Hall of Residence’s fee for international students is 200 USD per month on Uzbek Central Bank exchange rate.

accom_room.jpgThe WIUT Hall of Residence offers basic hostel accommodation. It is located within about 20 minutes travelling time of the University by public transport. The Hall is a nine-storey building with a wide range of facilities including a computer lab, kitchen (for you to do your own cooking), gym for fitness activities and a health room on the ground floor. The first and second floors consist of flats for teachers. The other floors are reserved for students. Each floor consists of ten twin rooms and one twin room for disabled students and a shared kitchen with dining area. Each two rooms have a shared shower, toilet and washbasin.

WIUT Hall of Residence address:
Tashkent, Mirabad district
Yangi Zamon street, 1a
tel. 291-91-61