Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS) – Pre-University

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About the Course:

Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS) is designed for students of Tashkent lyceums/colleges who wish to enter Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT). The main purpose of the CPFS is to improve the English and Mathematical skills of future entrants to WIUT. The modules are delivered in part-time mode, where the same Academic Quality Assurance process and academic delivery structure with WIUT university courses are applied. The classes are held in the first or second half of the day, depending on the time of classes for the student in his/her lyceum or college. The modules are divided into 2 Levels: Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS) Level 1 and Course in Pre-Foundation Studies (CPFS) Level 2. Upon successful completion of both modules at CPFS Level 2, students can apply for entry to Level 3 (Certificate of International Foundation Studies).

For more information please click CPFS Frequently Asked Questions.

Download entrance exam sample questions:

SASOL Scholarship:

Starting from 2011, third year in a row, South African international integrated energy and chemical company SASOL provides scholarship opportunities for the course applicants and students. The new feature of SASOL scholarships for the current Academic Year 2013-2014 will be that this time Level 3 Foundation studies applicants/students will also have chance to apply for scholarship places.

Thus, eligible scholarship applicants are:

  • those applying for and/or going to study at Pre-University Level 1 or 2 (Course in Pre-Foundation Studies)
  • those applying for and/or going to study at Level 3 Foundation studies (Certificate of International Foundation Studies)*

*including those completed Pre-University Level 2 and new Level 3 students

Moreover, those who applied for a scholarship previously are also eligible to re-apply this year. Each scholarship will cover the tuition fee plus monthly allowance for learning materials and the cost of meals and travel.

Please note: in order to apply you must obtain a scholarship Application Form from WIUT Enquiry/Registry office or download it from WIUT website (see below) and complete it as soon as possible and return it to WIUT Enquiry/Registry office. To find out more about SASOL scholarship, application and selection procedures, please download FAQs: FAQs_SASOL SCHOLARSHIP_ 2013-2014

Download application form: Scholarship Application Form 2013-2014 (Word)

Course Calendar:

Course in Pre Foundation Studies (CPFS)
CALENDAR 2013/2014

Academic Year Structure and Calendar Duration of part-time study on the Certificate of Pre Foundation Studies Levels 1 and 2 is one academic year.  The academic year is divided into two semesters as follows:

Semester Dates   2013/2014
Semester 1:
Enrolment/Induction week Monday, 23/09/2013 – Friday, 27/09/2013
Teaching Weeks 1 – 13 Monday, 30/09/2013 – Friday, 27/12/2013
GIS Week Monday, 11/11/2013 – Friday 15/11/2013
New Year Holiday Monday, 30/12/2013 – Friday, 03/01/2014
Assessment Week Monday, 06/01/2014 – Friday, 10/01/2014
Marking Week 1 Monday, 13/01/2014 – Friday, 17/01/2014


Semester 2:
Teaching Weeks 1 – 13 Monday,  20/01/2014 – Friday, 18/04/2014
GIS Week Monday, 17/04/2014 – Friday, 21/04/2014
Assessment Week Monday, 21/04/2014 – Friday, 25/04/2014
Marking Week 1 Monday, 28/04/2014 – Friday, 02/05/2014
Marking Week 2 Monday, 05/05/2014 – Friday, 09/05/2014
Assessment Board Week Monday, 26/05/2014 – Friday, 30/05/2014
Publication of Results Week commencing Monday 2nd June 2014
Semester 9:
GIS Weeks (Coursework) Monday, 02/06/2014 – Friday, 20/06/2014
Referral/Deferral Exam WeekReferral/Deferral CW Deadline Monday, 23/06/2014 – Friday, 27/06/2014
Monday 30th June, 2014