Postgraduate Programmes

Building on the success of its undergraduate courses, at the end of 2006 WIUT launched the first of its postgraduate courses: Master of Arts in International Business and Management (UoW awarded) – one of the most popular courses at Westminster Business School of the University of Westminster (London), validated to be offered in Tashkent. This is a two-year programme, taught primarily in the evenings to allow students to combine their study with their current careers. As such it has proven a popular course for those working both in private business as well as other international organizations. The course has an increasing proportion of international students, bringing a diversity of experience to the process of study.

It is a new Masters degree course validated by the University of Westminster and is targeted at working professionals who wish to blend learning and working. It covers those aspects of law that commercial law practitioners could expect to encounter on a regular basis. This course is unique in Uzbekistan and Central Asia in terms of providing opportunity to study commercial law in accordance with international standards.

A second postgraduate course, the Postgraduate Certificate of Special Study in Teaching & Learning (UoW awarded), has been launched in 2007 and is aimed at teachers who want to upgrade their skills while continuing in their current careers. The course is based around reflecting on the experience gained through professional experience.

WIUT postgraduate have the following advantages:

– students can combine their work with their studies (classes from 18:30)
– students admission is run twice a year in autumn and winter intakes
– students are awarded the University of Westminster (UK, London) degrees