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Admission Requirements

For more information click WIUT Admission Requirements.

Application Process

Applying for Foundation/Undergraduate studies

Foundation/undergraduate applicants can apply to WIUT by one of the two options below:

  • Application option “A”
    If you do not have a recognized math competence proof, you must apply to university by registering for WIUT math exam via the electronic system found at All necessary information about the math exam dates, registration procedure and requirements for admission is available at
  • Application option “B”
    If you have a recognized math competence proof, send completed Application form (download) to together with the below listed documents:
    - copy of passport
    - language proficiency evidence (scanned copy of IELTS/TOEFL certificate)
    - math proficiency evidence (previous successful pass of WIUT Math Exam, SAT, GCSE etc.)
    - certificates and/or transcripts from previous place of study
    After you send completed Application and your documents university staff will send you an email with further instructions.
    Candidates who had applied during the last year 2014/15 Admission Round and have achieved the minimum requirements of IELTS 5.5 and Maths 40% should submit their applications until 6th April 2015.

Important: The University is experiencing an unprecedented increase in the number of qualified applicants compared to previous years. Candidates who have an IELTS (or equivalent qualification) score of 6.0 or less will have to wait until the 29th June when the University will review the recruitment position.

Applying for WIUT Scholarship

Applying for Pre-University studies

Applying for Postgraduate studies