A Transnational Project Event Week Featured

Published in NEWS WIUT

Students from the University of Westminster, Department of Computer Science and the Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), Business Information Systems course, take part in a project event  – A Transnational Project Event Week (Hackathon). The project undertaken is identified with industrial partner and therefore has a real life application.

The event involves students from both institutions working in small teams of around four to five students made up from both institutions and levels, tackling a small scale project that relates to their course subjects. Hence, there would be both horizontal and vertical integration of students with different levels of skill and knowledge replicating the workplace.

The event has an impact on students and staff from both institutions. In particular, for students, it links directly to all the university’s graduate attributes and supports student in achieving a greater attainment of these. It is considered that the event will enhance the student experience and learning through collaboration with their peers. Also, it is a good opportunity for UoW students to get acquainted with Uzbek culture. For staff, it provides an alternative platform for integration and ideas. It provides opportunities for clustering formations in our global engagement where staff from all institutions engage in a common goal.