“Success is in the power of spirit” Shakhram Giyasov at WIUT on the 12th October Featured

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It is quite hard to label yesterday’s guest lecture as traditional one WIUT previously organized. Since the engagement of students, openness of the speaker and the whole atmosphere was mostly like the meeting with the person whom the nation admires. The person who shared his thoughts with WIUT students was Shakhram Giyasov, the welterweight boxer who won Uzbek, Asian and World Championships in 2017 as well as silver medal of Olympic Games in 2016 held in Rio da Janeiro.

There were not any vacant seats and students were ready to stand up just to listen to his stories and ask the questions as if it was a press conference organized only for WIUT students.

The boxer was patient to answer all the questions related to any sphere of his sport and private life. He mentioned that there is always great responsibility before every match as the “easy-to-win” rivals do not exist. Shakhram Giyasov proudly stated that he had only two coaches in his boxing career and ready to accept the pain of the defeat if the rival is better.

Besides he shared the thoughts on women boxing saying that he was against it for many years thinking of girls as fragile creatures for this sport, traumas and the fight itself. However after having discussions with female boxers he changed his attitude. Since in general the aspirations for male and female boxers were the similar such as seeing the flag and singing the anthem of Uzbekistan, proving that boxing school of the country is the best in the world and demonstrating equal opportunities for everyone in sport.

WIUT supports determination, self-improvement and dedication of its students and organization of similar meetings will only contribute to this.