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Management Master Class at WIUT


‘How to Become Focused Leaders’

How managers can direct their own and their organizations attention

by ALAN P FRANCE – OBE, MBA, BSc(Hons) Economics, D.B.S., Cert FE, ITP, CIM

on 29th of May 2014, at 18:30, WIUT Main Building

The Master Class will be delivered by Alan France, a founding executive of WIUT and teacher of MA International Business & Management (MAIBM) programme. The event is a great opportunity to understand how leadership skills can be developed and used effectively, as well as to experience how university classes are run at WIUT Master’s level programmes. It will also help you explore the recent research published in the Harvard Business Review on the role, development and use of Emotional Intelligence for Effective Leadership.

In order to attend the Master Class please complete and submit the form (found below the text) no later than 25th of May 2014. Selected candidates will be contacted by email or by phone.

Alan France profile:

Alan was appointed in 2002 as 1stDeputy Rector by the University of Westminster (London) to lead the development of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT).  Over the past 12 years Alan has helped lead and build WIUT as the leading international university in Uzbekistan and was responsible for the recruitment, development and overall management of all Academic Staff and Academic Support staff.

Before joining the University of Westminster and coming to Tashkent, Alan managed a Business School of over 250 staff and 5,000 students for over 11 years. From the mid 1980s he was a consultant on numerous international projects on the development and management of Higher Education Institutions and prior to being a Dean worked as a Senior Business consultant to major corporations on the development and implementation of Technological change.

Alan has taught and currently teaches International Business Strategy at Masters and Undergraduate levels at a number of universities over the past 30+ years.

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Guest Lecture on Globalization


DSC_2953+April 16 a special guest lecture on the topic of “The Process of Globalization: its fundamentals, factors and aspects” by the Senator and former Ambassador to the USA Sodyq Safaev was held at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT).

During the lecture Sodyq Safaev shared his knowledge on practical issues of globalization, international relations, economics and politics. In his view “the term ‘Globalization’ was coined to designate a new, unfolding phenomenon – the process of transnational merging of economic and financial markets. Internationalization of the world economy and finance has been accompanied and preordained by globalization in the spheres of information and communication, geopolitics and geo-economics. Now it is commonly recognized that the process of globalization forms the general context of the contemporary world. Without understanding its essence, aspects and factors, one cannot comprehend financial markets and economic tendencies in single companies, regions, and the world”.

The lecture’s aim was to give the students a fundamental knowledge of the general context of contemporary world – the globalization, to comprehending its fundamentals, factors and aspects. One of the most important components was the application study of globalization and process of transition undertaken by Uzbekistan.

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Welcome to “Open Tutorials” on 23 April


+IMG_6749 copy+.JPG“Open Tutorials” are designed for people outside the university providing a great opportunity to experience the learning process, meet teachers, engage in tutorial discussions, build new network of friends and many more. This time we prepared 1 topic from Business area:

“Management & Leadership”
by Evgeniya Dudko

Attend the tutorial on 23rd April at 15:00 by filling out the Application Form below. The deadline for application is April 21, 2014. For more information please contact: (+99871) 238-74-00/44.

Important: candidates will be selected according to their Statement of Interest written in English in the Application Form below.

Selected candidates will be informed by phone on their selection (please indicate your up-to-date phone number).

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Literary-musical event dedicated to M Yusuf


DSC_2947On 15th of April WIUT organized a literary-musical show dedicated to the 60th birthday of the great Uzbek poet Muxammad Yusuf

The key event during the show was the literary quiz, in which the students of WIUT and WIUT lyceum competed with each other in best reading of poems of Muxammad Yusuf, knowledge of the life and career of the poet and the knowledge of musical works written by the poet’s verses. The winners were awarded prizes, among them – a multimedia presentation about Muxammad Yusuf prepared WIUT.

Besides listening to poems, the audience also enjoyed music and dance performances by students. As the honorary guests of the event, the poet’s widow and well known representatives of the literary community of Uzbekistan were invited to the show.

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Best performing students awarded by the Dean


The tradition to recognize the best preforming students started a year ago when the procedure was approved by the WIUT Academic Council. On April the 3rdthe first cohort of student were invited for the ceremony.

The following students have been named to the Dean’s list for the academic session 2012 -13.

Business Administration

  • Zuhro Kahramonzoda
  • RushanaRustamova
  • Anna Sevostyanova
  • Khusnora Nazarova
  • Zarina Khaldarova
  • Mukaddas Kadirova

Business Information Systems

  • Farrukh Normuradov
  • Mikhail Shpirko
  • Nilufar Makhmudova
  • ZiyodaTashpulatova

Commercial Law

  • Nozima Rakhimjonova
  • Nilufar Kurbonova
  • LolakhonJabbarova
  • Madina Khasanova

Economics with Finance

  • Tursunmurod Sobirov
  • Shakhnoza Nurushova
  • Margarita Miklyaeva
  • KamilaShamsutdinova
  • Dilnoza Muslimova
  • Zarrukh Rakhimov
  • Angelina Nazarova
  • Mariya Shin
  • Bakhovuddin Muratov
  • AnoraAzamova
  • SalimTurdaliev
  • KomoliddinSalokhiddinov
  • Dilnoza Bakhromova
  • Khumoyun Mamatov
  • Navruzbek Karamatov
  • Abduvali Irgashov
  • Shakhrukh Akhmedjanov
  • Otabek Khusinov
  • Rasul Gaynulin
  • Muzaffar Ubaydulaev
  • ElyorSulaymonov
  • Kamola Abdurasulova
  • ShakhnozaMamarasulova
  • Shakhlo Rashidova
  • NodiraKhaydarova
  • Sabohat Sobirova
  • Mokhichekhra Amirova
  • Zilolakhon Makhmonova

The University is proud of its students. It is mistakenly spread in the external community outside the University that to study at WIUT is “so easy” as “they (WIUT students) start the academic year in October and finish it in late April”. However, those who work and study here know how far this is from the truth. Because the teaching and learning philosophy of the university is heavily rooted in the independent study principle, students spend hours and hours to work on their own and this is much more difficult than just attending the lectures and “doing what you are told to do”. The responsibility of what is learnt and how it is learnt is all on students.

The ones listed above have done a great job of providing evidence of their maturity and seriousness toward their study. No doubt these students will become change agents in many companies in our country after their graduation.

We wish you success and academic prosperity! You are a real value of this university. A great appreciation is also conveyed to your parents, those who support you in your students’ life.

Elena Volkova
Dean of Teaching and Learning, WIUT

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