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Open Class for prospective Master students


We cordially invite you to participate in our Open Class for  prospective Master students, which will be held on July 7th 2016, at 18:30. 

The topic of the lecture is  “How best companies create value”. Outline of the sample lecture in “Aspects of International Marketing Management”

Brief description of the content:

The purpose of the sample lecture is to show the important role marketing plays in the establishment and long-term prosperity of companies. The lecture will introduce various methods of value creation used worldwide and will provide examples for some of them in the context of international corporations.  The lecturer will deliver this class based on many years of teaching experience and latest business literature on the topic.  The lecture will be conducted in an interactive way – with some activities, video clips and Q&A.

In order to participate you should register by the following button:

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The First-ever WIUT-UoW Joint Summer School


During June 9-16th Westminster International University in Tashkent welcomed 20 students from the University of Westminster in London for the WIUT Exchange Summer School. The Summer School has been initiated as a part of implementing Learning Futures and Staff/Student Exchange agenda and took place at the WIUT campus, in the first instance, located at the heart of Tashkent city.

During the summer school 40 students from the University of Westminster in London and WIUT got together in the heart of Central Asia in order to learn, exchange knowledge, experience and ideas. Participants had an opportunity to meet and discuss several topics with diplomats, politicians, UN agencies’ representatives and experts in the area of globalization, also participants were able to visit ancient Samarkand and Bukhara cities.  

What was it about?

The School covered a single non-credit course, titled “Global Engagements”. The main goals were to build a platform for collaboration between UofW and WIUT staff members and students and to widen the global outlook of students from both institutions.

The main study topics were: “When did globalisation start and how has it been influencing the world? What forms does the global engagement take and how can these be understood within the context of complex processes of economy, state, and society in our world today? Why does increasing global interconnectedness also lead to greater division, greater inequality, and greater tension? How do we assess and measure the impact of globalisation? How does our perception of increasing global interconnectedness contribute to different understanding of justice, equality and cultural identity? Are we witnessing the withering away of the state or does the state matter now more than ever?”.

The Summer School program aimed to help students to understand globalisation in all its diverse forms of global engagements. Global interconnections are made up of economic, political, cultural, and social ties. One can analyze these ties independently, but it is much more important to analyze them holistically and understand how they operate in conjunction with one another to produce the overall effect that has been termed “globalisation”.

Drawing upon a range of theoretical and applied approaches to globalisation, students explored globalisation and its critics. Furthermore, they applied these theories to the global community, to Uzbekistan's local community and to their own journeys.

The Summer School gave students the opportunity to think globally and to imaginatively engage with the transformational opportunities associated with global engagement.


Students’ perspective

Greg Aasen:

“We’ve been really enjoying Uzbekistan. We’ve learned a lot from guest speakers through really helpful discussions. For instance, today we met with EU representative to Uzbekistan. Uzbek students learned about the challenges of the EU integration, and we learned a lot about the challenges facing Uzbekistan with Eurasian integration, trade etc.…We are having a great time here. We are all quite amazed about the culture and recent developments in the country. ”

Michelle Louise Hancock

This is my first time to visit Uzbekistan, at the beginning of the year I was not expecting even coming here, so it is real honor and pleasure to have come to this very beautiful country.
I had not heard before about the country, but I had heard about the region, surrounding countries i think i have heard the name to be honest, but I couldn’t put a picture to it, I knew the name of the country but no picture would form in my mind. Summer school was extremely useful form, for many reasons. One of them is the course that was provided. It was really relevant for west studying as politics, development of international relationship of course it is very useful to come to another country to experience different cultures, different economies, different social structures, different parliaments. Also it was great experience to meet with different people doing different courses as and economics. So it was extremely useful on personal level learn how to work with others from different cultures, learning to work as a group with people with whom we have come from. I have also come as a mature student so, I am older than some of the other students and it taught me new things that I did not realize I would learn. So it has been extremely useful.

WIUT students were incredible, they have been extremely kind extremely welcoming, they are extremely knowledgeable and very studies they contributed a lot in class a lot of things that I haven’t understood and it was great pleasure learning from them, they have made this experience you can go to a place and you can see beautiful buildings, you can learn the history but without the people of that country it wouldn’t be the same. This is the people who make that experience.

Jenna Hardwick

“One of the main focus’ of this trip to Uzbekistan is to further both the academic and student relationships between the University of Westminster in Tashkent and the University of Westminster, along with gaining a better understanding of globalisation and interconnectedness with specific attention on Uzbekistan and their position in the economic and political global arena. With this trip being focused on globalisation it is not only relevant but important for us to visit Uzbekistan as Asia’s role on the international stage becomes increasingly significant.

Throughout university so far, much of my work has focused around the Middle East, so I am particularly excited to be visiting a country with close links both geographically and economically to that region. Coming from a Western education system, I am intrigued to meet new people from a different culture and listen to new perspectives that I might have not previously considered, from this I believe that we will all be able to learn something new from each other, to help broaden our continued studies. The workshops and lectures that are being held are likely to teach me more about globalisation as well as the politics, economy, history and culture in Uzbekistan than I already know, as I have never previously been made aware of Uzbekistan’s position both domestically and globally, something which I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge of. Although I have been lucky enough to travel, I have never experienced teaching in another country, other than the UK and therefore excited to experience new perspectives and topics that I have perhaps not come across, it is why it is important to me that I travel and meet new people with different views and perspectives to my own.”

Emilie Enberget Vekrum

This trip has already given me so many new experiences that I am so thankful for, and the opportunities we have been given to partake in discussions with the EU delegate to Uzbekistan, attend conferences on important topics such as economic development, and take in beautiful sights we would never have seen, is an opportunity of a life time. Through the social activities I have also gained some great friends both from Uzbekistan, and with people from my own university that I previously did not know, and I feel grateful that I have been given this chance to go on this trip, and it is a trip I will cherish for a lifetime. There is a certain sense of community both between the students from WIUT and UoW, and we all seem to be helping each other out whenever anyone feels ill or anyone needs some help with something, which is really nice to see.


  Jordi Cortes Espasa

“Since we landed in Tashkent, the journey has been a constant learning process. I have learnt that Uzbeks are very welcoming and they like sharing. They have a strong sense of community, but it is not a close one. After travelling for a whole day, being in three different countries, one really needs a bit of kindness and having a meal cooked for us from an Uzbek student without knowing us, that is really a treasure….At the end of the day the goal of the trip is the linkage between UK and Uzbek students, and being able to share personal opinions regarding topics that somehow affect us all, such as migration, economic development and culture exchange. The first debate we had was a good starting point to discover a different point of view to the ongoing process of globalization, as no one better than Uzbek students who have previously read about the topic could have gave us a better insight in to their views. It is the perfect chance to challenge ourselves and our ideas about international relations, sharing our views and opinions and being able to contrast it with the students of the Westminster International University of Tashkent. The reason for visiting a new country is definitely about discovering different ways of architecture and taking digital memories of beautiful landscapes, but it should also be about discovering the local culture and interacting with its citizens.”

Bekeowei Okoro

“Uzbekistan is at a crossroads, becoming more of a global and regional actor, everyday single day and the people know it, summer schools and internships abroad, globalization is having a profound effect economically, politically and socially in the Uzbek human experience. This is why we are here… it’s going to be hard for me to leave.”

Nigorakhonim Umarova

This Summer school showed me that although we come from different countries, different cultures and hold different beliefs, we are still alike in so many different ways. After all we are all human beings and nothing can stop us from nurturing deep intercultural, interracial and interreligious bonds with each other. The continuation of this program will help the the young generation practice their tolerance towards other religions, cultures, races and nations and to become open-minded.

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Master’s Day 2016


Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) held a Master’s Day event on the 14th of June at the main conference room of the main university building. The event was attended by 50 prospective postgraduate students comprised of young professionals and entrepreneurs. It was a great chance for the visitors to have their questions answered. Moreover, our guests  learned more about the University of Westminster (London) accredited programmes MA International Business & ManagementLLM International Commercial Law and Pg Cert Teaching & Learning delivered at WIUT. The event was lead by Ziyodullo Parpiev, Deputy Dean of Postgraduate Courses. Course leaders Umid Aliev, Eldor Mannopov and Elena Volkova  made presentations on postgraduate courses. 

Also prospective students watched a video about the university, interviews with our graduates and had a tour to the Learning and Resource centre. At the end, during the coffee break our guests were able to talk to the course leaders, faculty members and other WIUT staff members and get necessary information regarding the admission in an informal atmosphere.  Furthermore, WIUT graduate were also present during the event and contributed to the successful organization by giving advice and answering the questions of prospective students. 
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“Yagonasan, muqaddas Vatan!” contest

On June 7th students of the Westminster International University in Tashkent participated in the contest “Yagonasan, muqaddas Vatan!”.  
This contest is held every year among higher education institutions of the country and organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. On this contest annually students from different universities compete with each other in order to show their talents and skills, by singing songs about the country, its’ beauty, hospitality of the nation, national values and traditions. WIUT student Oydina Alieva and Sardor Tashmetov took the 1st place as the best performer in the contest organized in the Tashkent branch of the Moscow State University.

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“Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth: Current Issues” Conference


On June 10th Westminster International University in Tashkent and the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan held joint annual conference “Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth: Current Issues”.

This one-day conference brought together national and international experts from government and development agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia and research institutions to share knowledge and experience on issues pertaining to inclusive and sustainable growth.

Creating decent jobs requires solutions from range of disciplines. Therefore papers from disciplines such as banking, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, law and higher education were invited. In particular researchers contributed to the conference with their of individual research papers studying various aspects of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

Masters, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and practitioners applied and participated on the conference to use this opportunity to receive constructive feedback. Conference included the following sessions: Banking, finance and microfinance; Corporate governance and corporate finance; Innovation economy, e-government and e-commerce; Trade, entrepreneurship and employment; Demography and higher education. Papers were judged based on originality, substance, analytical nature, and clarity of writing. Presented papers will be published in conference proceedings. The best papers will be considered for publication in the local journal “Market, Money and Credit”.



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