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Celebrating Navruz!


5555+With the commence of the beloved spring holiday Navruz and festivities taking place nationwide all around Uzbekistan, Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) organized the traditional Navruz Celebrations.

10913594_785629954856063_1399817650_n+Navruz Celebrations is an annual event at WIUT and a very good reason to have a great time! Held on the 25th of March, the great event started with senior students from all faculties planting their spring trees as a memory for the home university, a sign of the rise of new sprouts – the future graduates of the University. It was followed by a grandiose concert by students and guest musicians, a gala dinner with the main holiday dishes like plov and sumalyak.

This year’s celebrations featured not only music and dances and delicious dishes, but also master classes on arts, performance of national sport games like tug-of-war, kite launching and many more. In addition, as the new 2015 was declared “Year of Attention and Care for Older Generation”, WIUT students organized a charity fair, proceedings of which will go to support for elderly people.


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“Art is Great” – WIUT and British Embassy joint contest


ArtWestminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) in cooperation with the British Embassy are organizing a series of contests as part of the exhibition “Art is great: Uzbekistan-UK” to be held on the 13th of April as an opening event of the traditional “Culture & Art Days” at WIUT.

On the 18th of March Social Department and the teaching staff from the Faculty of English and Personal Development organized an essay contest among CIFS students on the topic “Which aspects of life (education, art, sport etc.) can help create closer relations between Uzbekistan and the UK”.

It was the first contest within the framework of “Art is great: Uzbekistan-UK”, which includes three more contests among WIUT students from all levels, with the themes of their creative works relating to both Uzbekistan and the UK:

  • Art work (painted, graphic, installation etc.)
  • Photo Art
  • Video Art (max. 5 min)

Students may submit their creative works until 10th of April. The winners of the contests in each of the 4 categories will receive awards and prizes from WIUT administration and the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Mr. George Edgar.

For more information please contact Guzal Sultanova at or (+998 71) 238 74 41 ext. 439

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The first ever Women’s Football Championship at WIUT


On the 16th of March students played the first ever Women’s Football Championship, marking a significant event in the history of WIUT sports. The event attracted the attention of everyone passing through the stadium and gathered a lot of fans and friends who came to support in total 4 teams: 8-отряд, Diamonds, Tigers and Hashtag.

The first game between Diamonds and 8-отряд finished with the victory of Diamonds. In a hot and equal battle during the second match between Hashtag and Tigers both teams performed equally well and the outcome of the match was decided by series of penalties with Hashtag getting their ticket to the final game. The results of the first Women’s Football Championship are as follows:

  • 1st place: Hashtag
  • 2nd place: Diamonds
  • 3rd place: Tigers

Special gratitude to the Care team for organizing the event and to all those brave girls who took part in the games. Congratulations to winners! Good job, ladies!

Reviewed by Zarina Khaldarova, West Avenue.

Womens Football

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March 8 Flowers


Un+titled-1++Winter’s gone, spring has come,
And with her, beauty and charm!
The eternal Hope, for one to belong,
Wondering, what dreams may come.

Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) students organized a tremendous and spectacular concert celebrating and congratulating the beautiful half of the university with the 8th of March – International Women’s Day! Rehearsed within a month with the help from Social department, the show was organized by the talented WIUT students, Project Managers Bakhtiyor Mukhtarkhujaev and Guzal Rakhimova, hosted by Farrukh Satishev and included 10 performances of dance, vocal, mental and KVN performances.

Further celebrating the 8th of March, Marketing and Social departments of WIUT organized an interview, illustrating colorful impressions of this important worldwide women’s holiday, expressed by 5 students – representatives of a variety of student organizations, exemplars of outstanding achievements, with a substantial impact on the university life.

1+Umida – having joined WIUT family at Academic Lyceum level, nowadays she is engaged in a student HR position in the university’s School of Volunteers project. Last year she participated in the Runway Show and the Students Fashion Day. Punctual and hard-working in her studies, Umida is a versatile personality with an avid interest in color painting, literature reading, badminton and basketball.
“8th of March is a beautiful holiday of warm greetings and presents. Even though it has been very cold and snowy for several past years on this date in Tashkent, I associate it with a sunny day. Romantic in present times, the date is also remembered for me as the day when women dropped their veil and gained equal social status in the society” – expressed by Umida.

2++Diana and Nilufar are among the best scholarship students according to the Dean’s List. Theater lover and Russian classics fan, for over 2 years Diana has performed on stage with WIUT Drama Club, helped in casting and gained respect and admiration of her younger peers as a CIFS mentor. Her friend Nilufar is a loving wife and a caring mother to two wonderful children and is one of the few female students of Business Information Systems course and is an exceptional academic achiever.
2+“On March 8 all women become flowers and deserve countless compliments and kind wishes. On this day, first of all, I would like to congratulate my mother and wish her lots of happiness and health! I would also like to congratulate Malika Mukimova, the brightest woman in our university, and Rozalia Ivanovna, the head and the heart of Drama Club! Thank you for your patience and hard work!” – expressed by Diana.

3+Tamila – in addition to studying, she works as a journalist and broadcaster, the profession she likes very much and can’t live without. Tamila is featured on the WIUT internal TV channel “WestTV” and on the republic-wide channel “UzReport”. An incredibly energetic girl from childhood, music and dancing is her best friends.
“March 8 – perhaps the most beautiful of all public holidays. It is not only about love and admiration for women. It is also about spring, flowers, the arrival of bright colors, the beginning of something new. The spring has always inspired me to new ideas!” – expressed by Tamila.

4Shakhlo is the most active girl in the university, she is member of WIUT Model United Nations (MUN) Club, Delegate in the 3rd MUN Conference, Head delegate in MUN 2014, Volunteer in realizing the projects of SI Lab on creative thinking, UNDP “Social Innovation and Volunteerism in Uzbekistan”, Operation “Smile” and International Conferences, Facilitator for freshmen…“Eighth of March is a great celebration and occasion to express respect, appreciation and love towards women. In majority countries, it is considered as an official public holiday. Nevertheless, in several countries this holiday is an equivalent of Mother’s Day, where all give presents to their mothers and grandmothers” – expressed by Shakhlo.

Joined by all above, WIUT Marketing and Social departments express their sincere congratulations to all WIUT ladies:

“Congratulations dear ladies of our lovely University!
You are people of brilliance, excellence, patience, kindness, beauty and of course immense knowledge! The University would not be flourishing without your great efforts! You are, and always will be youthful, luminous, and magnificent in our hearts!”

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WIUT welcomes a new Rector

2Yesterday on the 3rd of March WIUT welcomed the new Rector Komiljon Khamidovich Karimov.
Komiljon Karimov has experience in a range of educational policy areas, both internationally and locally, through his work with UNESCO. He has joined WIUT, from his last position as Associate Professor at the Academy of State Governance, to spearhead the university’s next stage of development and to further strengthen its image as a strong and dynamic international university.
Former WIUT Rector Abdumalik Djumanov has been appointed as Rector of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy. During his tenure at WIUT from 2011 to 2015, Abdumalik Djumanov made critical and significant contributions to the development of the university, not only through the physical expansion of the university’s campus, but also in the strategic push to develop the academic profile, increase the student population and improve the quality of the educational experience.

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