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Master’s Day Impressions


Untitled-1+December 12 at 18:30 Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) held a winter season “Master’s Day” for all interested in master’s degree studies at WIUT.

The evening was opened by the Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Studies Dr. Oybek Yuldashev, who introduced the teachers of the master’s programmes delivered at WIUT and the Course Leader for “MA International Business & Management (MAIBM)” Muhammadfoik Bahadirov.

Mr. Bahadirov made a presentation in which he gave detailed information about MAIBM, its main subjects, teachers and admission criteria. Further, current student of MAIBM Akbarjon Alimov spoke about his personal experience:
“I have more than five years lived in Dubai and worked in an international company. After a while, I decided to continue my education and began to search for master’s studies offered in various countries and universities. Among three choices – England, South Korea and Uzbekistan, and after comparing the curriculum, the diploma obtained after graduation, tuition costs and location convenience, I chose to study at WIUT, because it provided the best offer to all listed above requirements”.

Next, Course Leader of “LLM International Commercial Law” Eldor Mannopov spoke about the main features of the LLM programme. Adding to his comments, current LLM student Budnikov Mikhail shared his impressions with the audience:
“I work in the field of oil and gas, where my organization provides equipment to mining companies and is engaged in many contract deals. Although my first education was in economics, by the nature of my work I needed knowledge in the field of law, which I succeeded in receiving through LLM at WIUT. As the programme allows to work and study, I can immediately use my knowledge in practice. I really like the fact that during the lessons we analyze different case studies, during which our experienced teachers give their advice and recommendations. Very often I don’t even want to leave the class and like to continue the discussions with fellow students and teachers.”

By the end of the event, in a friendly atmosphere during a coffee-break, all participants had the opportunity to communicate with the teachers and students, to learn more about the programmes, ask questions and get a consultation, which was followed by a tour through the Learning Resource Center of the university.

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Guest Lecture on Democratization and Liberalization


Guest LectureAttended by the university’s students and staff, on 12th of December WIUT’s main Conference Hall hosted the guest lecture on ”The main directions of democratization and liberalization of our society” by the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Policy of the Senate of the Republic of Uzbekistan Dr. Sodyq S. Safaev and on “The electoral rights of the citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan” by the Deputy of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdumannob Rahimov.

Describing the audience the democratization and liberalization processes of our society, S. Safaev noted that all the processes could be called as “Political modernization”. He also informed about the activities of the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the changes that are planning to be implemented in practice.

In view of the upcoming Parliamentary Elections on December 21 and recent celebrations of the Constitution Day, the Deputy of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdumannob Rahimov gave information about the history, establishment of our Constitution and about the electoral rights of the citizens of Uzbekistan. The guest lecture was closed with an appeal to hold active civic position, making a personal contribution in the historical events of our country.

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Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists


wiut_class+In light of the recent reforms in doctorate education and increased need for evidence based policy formulation, it is becoming increasingly important to train doctorate students in economics in line with the current state of the art in the field, which has become very rigorous and technically demanding. Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (IFMR) are organizing a Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists on February 9-13, 2015.

Jamboree in the language of Indians means a massive gathering, assembly or rally. This word denotes big rallies, where participants demonstrate their skills, share their experience and network. Doctorate Jamborees are regular and popular events in the research centers of Western Europe and North America. During the event, doctorate researchers from different universities gather for a few days to share their research results in the usual research seminar format with active discussions. The Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists is designed to stimulate cooperation and research collaboration among doctorate students and independent researchers in Economics or related social sciences, to provide a platform for the discussion of their research with experienced scholars and, most importantly, create an opportunity for acquiring and applying modern tools of economic analysis.

The event will start with the introductory lectures of the experienced WIUT faculty members as well as IFMR experts on modern tools of economic analysis and publishing in peer review journals. In the following days, the Jamboree participants will present their research work to receive critical feedback to help them improve their work and prepare them for the next steps of their research projects. Moreover, the participants will have an opportunity to participate in poster presentation sessions of WIUT students’ diploma projects.

All current doctorate students as well as researchers working on or planning to start their doctorate thesis in the future are eligible to apply. The Jamboree participants will be selected competitively based solely on the quality of their proposed research papers and academic potential of the author. See the CALL FOR PROPOSALS below for application details.

Call for Proposals

Deadline: January 15, 2015.

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Learning at WIUT – aspiring and inspiring


Although, on first glance, this article would be more suitable to publish on the eve of the International Women’s Day, we decided to dedicate it to the Day of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan – to celebrate the success of our young ladies in their learning.

Given this, we would like to present a compilation of female students of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), who were able to use their different skills and knowledge in achieving their professional and personal goals, pursuing their dreams, helping people and contributing to the development of society in various spheres.


Nargiza Kadirova obtained her initial Model United Nations (MUN) experience at the first MUN Conference at WIUT and the second MUN Conference at Karakalpak State University in 2012, she established MUN at SSU and participated with her delegation in Dayton, Chicago, and New York MUN Conferences over the course of 2013. In addition, she was the Head Delegate of WIUT delegation at Harvard National MUN Conference and a chairperson at the second MUN Conference at WIUT in 2013. Further she contributed her experience to the development of MUN in Uzbekistan by running MUN club at WIUT, organizing the third MUN conference in 2013-2014 academic years and creating the first official MUN website in Uzbekistan (
          “I am immensely proud that we are studying in the environment where each student has equal right and opportunity to study, develop, and plan their future. It is very important for young generation to be convinced that their efforts will not be ignored. I am very glad that WIUT gives powerful incentive to any student to realize any productive idea”.

Christina Akhatova is one of those students who always try to discover new facets of the world, and the university, as she said, has helped her to reveal herself from different sides. At WIUT she was able to implement her old dream – to try herself as a fashion model. She participated in “Runway Show” within the “Culture Week 2014” and the “Students Fashion Show” of the recent autumn. Such events were the beginning for her further personal development in the modeling sphere. After the shows two designers, whose collections she presented, offered her to cooperate with them. This way she participated in the photo sessions of the local “Matumi” and “KOMO” brands, presenting their collections in fashion magazines and websites.
          “Although stereotypical, every girl in her childhood has a dream to become a famous actress or a fashion model. My university gave me such a great opportunity for my dream to become true. Moreover, I got acquainted with many local designers and was inspired by their clothes with traditional allusion. I wish my university will always encourage its students with their creative initiatives and help them to reach new heights”.

Dilnoza Muslimova managed to make a breakthrough in the history of WIUT with her academic performance (94% on average for final year). Besides that, she received the Best Project in Economics 2014 Award for the paper on the topic of “Measuring the Social Impact of Access to Finance: Microfinance and Social Capital in Indonesia”. The same project was also shortlisted among the top 15 papers in the New Economic Talent Competition 2014 in CERGE-EI, Prague, and was presented during the Third Forum of Young Economists 2014 and published in its proceedings. Further, she was selected for the Summer School of Young Economists 2014 organized in cooperation with IFPRI (International Food Research Policy Institute), UNDP and WIUT, where upon completion of her research proposal she was among two selected for the collaborative research project with IFPRI. During her student years she was involved in many social activities, language and sports clubs, volunteered and participated in youth conferences (MUN 2012 and 2013, Youth Conference on Climate Change Negotiations 2012) and worked for 4 years as the Senior Course Representative of CIFS students. Back in 2012, she was elected as the Education & Welfare Executive for WIUT Student’s Union.
          “I owe my academic excellence to a few special people: my family – for everlasting unconditional support, teachers – for being my paragons of excellence, friends – for building positive and competitive learning environment, and the most beloved university – for granting me the scholarship, first and foremost, and opening a vast amount of opportunities for self-development”.

Zlata Korsuntseva is a third-year student at Academic lyceum under WIUT. Among many singers and actresses of the university, she established herself as a unique performer. Although she is Russian, she sings in Uzbek language and many have pointed the impossibility of noticing any dialect in her speech. So far, she participated in all WIUT Academic lyceum events, such as the last year’s “Constitution Day”, “Teacher’s Day”; and the university events such as Navruz celebrations, “Talent Show”, the “Day of European languages”, etc. After graduating her lyceum, she plans to apply to WIUT.
          “Singing in Uzbek really inspires me. I feel my attachment to my motherland and experience a sense of pride for it. As a singer and a student of Academic lyceum under WIUT, I would like to thank our university for giving me the opportunity to express myself and to live my dream”.

Umida Turaeva and Feruza Avezova took part in the leading and organizing different charity campaigns at WIUT. In 2013 they helped to raise funds to pay for expensive treatment of two girls suffering from leukemia. Given their good work during the past year and their experience, it was decided to invite the girls again to become managers of the charity project which started on 1st December 2014, aimed at supporting children and women living with HIV.
          “Every person needs to feel significant. For me and my friend Feruza Avezova it meant trying to make a difference to someone’s life. That is why we did not hesitate to take part in WIUT Social Department’s initiative to launch a charity campaign. Majority of students, friends of students and even strangers didn’t stay indifferent and were so generous and willing to help that they made us inspired to continue this year too”.

Sherzod Shoasilov
Public Relations & Corporate Communications, WIUT

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WIUT held World AIDS Day


DSC_7677++December 1st World AIDS Day was held at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), organized by UNAIDS, WIUT and Academic lyceum under WIUT. The event, attended by the UNAIDS Country Director for Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan Lev Zohrabyan and representatives of UNAIDS, was led by Jassur Mirsagatov, a representative of the public movement “Red Ribbon”, which includes pop stars of CIS countries.

The event also marked the beginning of a charity event aimed at supporting children and women living with HIV. For these purposes, WIUT will install boxes in the university campus through which everyone can bring their contribution in improving their lives. The funds will be spent on food for infants born to HIV-positive mothers, and multivitamins to HIV-positive children, adolescents, and equipment (sewing machines) for the employment of women living with HIV.

DSC_7660+It should be noted that at the end of November last year, WIUT organized charity event to raise funds to pay for expensive treatment of two girls treated at the Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion in Tashkent. The campaign, which lasted until January of this year, hosted a charity concert “Ezgulik navolari” (Voices of Goodness) with the participation of university and academic lyceum students, accompanied by the orchestra “Young Talents of Uzbekistan”. Through the joint efforts, it was managed to completely pay for the treatment of Abduazimova Dilyafruz (born 2009), and partly of Huzhamberdieva Shohsanam (born 2004).

Volunteers of the last year’s fundraising charity were Umida Turaeva and Feruza Avezova, 2nd year students at WIUT. Given their good work during the past year and their experience, it was decided to invite the girls again to become managers of the charity project which started today.

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