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“Students Fashion Day”


DSC_7328++Yesterday the series of events within the fall season “Days of Culture & Art” at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) finished with the last, but surely one of the most grandiose and memorable events “Students Fashion Day”, representing the interpretation of modern fashion by young student designers of Uzbekistan.

Dedicated to the traditions of Uzbek culture in modern clothes design, “Students Fashion Day” was a result of a fruitful cooperation between WIUT and the main arts institution of Uzbekistan – National institute of Art and Design named after Kamoliddin Bekhzod, where the student and graduate designers of the latter presented their clothes line, as well as performed a master class and held an art exhibition of the sketches of their works.

The event was different in many ways compared to the traditional “Runway Show” held each spring within “Culture Week” at WIUT. First of all, there was no usual catwalk like in the previous years. The show was hosted on the stage of the WIUT Lyceum hall, co-led with songs from a promising young artist Jasur Mirsagatov and his band “Sultan”, creating an atmosphere of not only a fashion show, but also of a concert.

Moreover, attracting attention on a state level, the fashion event was attended by the Chair of Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan and the Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Elmira Basitkhanova. In her speech, Basitkhanova expressed her admiration with the harmony of the dresses and the appearance of the models, saying that she was surprised to find out that these were only students. It should be pointed that the show featured around 30 female student models from WIUT and 10 from the National institute of Art and Design.

Special gratitude should be expressed to the main sponsor of the event BHS (British Home Stores), who kindly decorated the stage featuring their mannequins, as well as presented the organizers of the show with their clothes, which were uniquely furnished with Uzbek traditional elements by the most active and skilful designers of the show Matlyuba Berdimuradova.

Sherzod Shoasilov
Public Relations, WIUT

See all pictures from the event here: Students Fashion Day Photo Album.


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3rd and 4th days of Culture and Arts


10620236_350009908511636_3950605684045503819_o+3rd and 4th days of of Culture & Arts at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) continued with the intellectual game “What? Where? When?” (Что? Где? Когда?) and the “Day of National Cinema” respectively.

On 24th of November WIUT hosted the traditional “Westminster Open Cup” tournament on the famous intellectual game “What? Where? When?” (Что? Где? Когда?). The event was organized by one of the project managers of the “Culture and Art Days” Valeriy Kim, who gave a warm welcome speech before the tournament emphasizing the importance of this event in the intellectual growth of the youth of Uzbekistan, and the great opportunity it presents for students of different institutions to get to know each other and work in cooperation.

In total 12 teams consisting of students from various higher, as well as secondary educational institutions of Tashkent, such as the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, MDIST, Academic lyceum “International House – Tashkent” under TIIM, Academic lyceum of Tashkent State Economic University, Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies, Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, WIUT Academic lyceum, Moscow State University Named After M. V. Lomonosov and finally the students of Westminster International University in Tashkent, represented their alma-mater with great honor and dignity during the game’s 3 hours of thought sharing, discussing and disputing, involving not only the participants, but also the audience, where questions and puzzles of the tournament became more complex round by round.

Here are the results:

  • 1st place – «Мистерия» – an assembled team of WIUT Academic lyceum, Architecture and Construction institute, Oriental Studies university and Gubkin RSU students.
  • 2nd place – «Мужская Логика» – WIUT students
  • 3rd place – «Сборная Югославии по зрению» – WIUT Academic lyceum students

10258160_350099848502642_5075535325434219606_oThe next day, on the “Day of National Cinema” held on 25th of November, WIUT students were able to get familiar with Uzbek national cinematography, its history, traditions, criticism and development, as well as demonstrate their own creativity in the sphere of filmmaking.

During the press-conference of the event many questions from students were answered by the special guests Ayub Shakhobiddinov – Uzbek filmmaker and the director of the film “Parizod” (the Grand Prix winner in the international film festival “KinoShok” in Russia), Sarvar Karimov – filmmaker of the most well-known modern children’s movies of Uzbekistan and Samiddin Lutfullaev – national actor, leading role in the film “Parizod”, who also judged and determined the winners of the video contest THE MOST CREATIVE MOVIE ON THE TOPIC “A DAY IN WIUT”, where short videos made by WIUT students competed in 3 nominations: creativity, conceptuality and acting.

List of videos:

  1. Kim Valera – “Induction Week”
  2. Temur Umarov – “Touching Video”
  4. Slavniye parni
  5. Khalil – “Animation Movie”
  6. BACKYARD PRANKS – “The Best Pranks of The Year”
  7. Shukhrat Allayarov and Iskander Rislkulov

While the acting award was given to WIUT GUYS PRODUCTION, the university’s best pranks producers Backyard Pranks’ video was named the best in conceptuality. The title of the most creative video was awarded to Khalil Muminov’s team, who impressed the audience and the jury with his laborious animation film about love. Shukhrat Allayarov and Iskander Rislkulov won in a separate nomination as “the audience’s favorites”.

Special gratitude to the organizers of the “Day of National Cinema” – Social Department, School of Volunteers, Students Union and the project manager of the event Madina Tursunbaeva.

Sherzod Shoasilov, Public Relations WIUT
Source: West Avenue (Dilnoza Davronova and Sheroz Narzullaev)

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Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists


wiut_class+In light of the recent reforms in doctorate education and increased need for evidence based policy formulation, it is becoming increasingly important to train doctorate students in economics in line with the current state of the art in the field, which has become very rigorous and technically demanding. Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) and Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan (IFMR) are organizing a Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists on February 9-13, 2015.

Jamboree in the language of Indians means a massive gathering, assembly or rally. This word denotes big rallies, where participants demonstrate their skills, share their experience and network. Doctorate Jamborees are regular and popular events in the research centers of Western Europe and North America. During the event, doctorate researchers from different universities gather for a few days to share their research results in the usual research seminar format with active discussions. The Doctorate Jamboree for Uzbekistan Economists is designed to stimulate cooperation and research collaboration among doctorate students and independent researchers in Economics or related social sciences, to provide a platform for the discussion of their research with experienced scholars and, most importantly, create an opportunity for acquiring and applying modern tools of economic analysis.

The event will start with the introductory lectures of the experienced WIUT faculty members as well as IFMR experts on modern tools of economic analysis and publishing in peer review journals. In the following days, the Jamboree participants will present their research work to receive critical feedback to help them improve their work and prepare them for the next steps of their research projects. Moreover, the participants will have an opportunity to participate in poster presentation sessions of WIUT students’ diploma projects.

All current doctorate students as well as researchers working on or planning to start their doctorate thesis in the future are eligible to apply. The Jamboree participants will be selected competitively based solely on the quality of their proposed research papers and academic potential of the author. See the CALL FOR PROPOSALS below for application details.

Call for Proposals

Deadline: January 5, 2015.

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Two days of Culture and Arts


10749972_348561771989783_3792040136489159096_oFall season Culture and Art Days at Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) kicked off with exciting sport events on November 21, continuing with a wonderfully colorful concert on November 22.

Full of exciting events, Sports Day was opened with press-conference on futsal (mini-football) by guests from Uzbekistan Football Federation. Press-conference consisted of a presentation and a short video about the history of futsal, its difference from football and achievements of our country in this type of sport. Avaz Maksumov, Asian Football Confederation Instructor on Futsal, announced that in December 1 to 3 an international tournament on futsal will be held in Uzbekistan where participants will consist of famous futsal teams of Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. He also pointed that, interestingly, football leaders England and Netherland teams are not as experienced and qualified in futsal as aforementioned countries, as well as our country.

10683692_348561265323167_6938991898460644066_oThe conference was just a start of the day as it was followed by a master class from the Champions of Uzbekistan on futsal – “Ardus” team – who kindly demonstrated their skills and technique to the guests. Then they played a small match against the team of WIUT comprised of players of the qualified university championship semifinalist and finalist teams. Despite that our students expressed courage and passion during the match against their opponents, experience and skill of the professionals prevailed and the guests won 4-1.

The atmosphere in the WIUT Sports Complex became more strained when time came for the final games of the university championship. The first match between “David Moyes” and “Milan Stormtrooper”, with massive attacks from both sides and many opportunities used and missed, finished 3-2 with the victory of “Milan Stormtrooper”.

The hottest and the most intriguing final match between “AthletiKO” and “Mercurial” was full of nerves, emotions and excitement. Both teams showed their strong will for obtaining the name of the “champion”, but “AthletiKO” brought five unanswered goals against their opponents and with an outstanding 5-0 result became the new CHAMPION OF WIUT!

Apart from the main cup, in the awarding ceremony attended by the Head Coach of the Olympic football team of Uzbekistan Shukhrat Maksudov and WIUT Rector, all the winners were awarded medals and special prizes.


The Concert of Cultural Centers marked the 2nd day of Culture and Arts, bringing unity, friendship and respect between the participant countries.

The show was led by Westminster students – inimitable Farrukh and Sitora – with the opening song amazingly performed by the graduate of the Academic lyceum under WIUT. While Selivanna Sin and Veta Ulanovich demonstrated brand new performances of the young generation of promising Uzbek artists, other performers brought the essence and atmosphere of different parts of the world, namely Azerbaijan, Korea, Russia, India, Indonesia, Greece and Poland. Especially the brightest and the most unforgettable 10806330_348970931948867_1671181384933727615_ndances were demonstrated by the very young participants, charming kids of the embassies of Azerbaijan and Russia. From the singers, our fellow townsman, student from Uzbekistan Conservatory, impressed foreign guests and visitors by singing the most well-known song of the most well-known Uzbek ensemble “Yalla”.

It should be noted that events like the Concert of Cultural Centers unify and fasten friendship and comradeship ties not only between different countries, but also between students and staff – WIUT family. In regard of this, billion thanks ought to be expressed to the organizers of the event, namely to the unique Social Department, unique project managers Saidaminkhon Alyavi, Edgard Pak, Nodir Rasulev, to the active and extraordinary volunteers of the School of Volunteers, as well as to the Students Union and the reporters of West Avenue.

Sherzod Shoasilov, Public Relations WIUT
Source: West Avenue (Zarina Khaldarova and Sheroz Narzullaev)
Photos: WIUT Multimedia Center, West Avenue (Zarina Khasanova)

See full list of events within “Culture & Art Days”

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“Master’s Day” will be held on 12th December!


“Master’s Day” event date was postponed and will be held on 12th of December 2014 at 18:30. During the event you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the master’s level programmes of the University of Westminster (London) delivered at WIUT: MA International Business & Management (MAIBM) and LLM International Commercial Law
  • Meet the current students of the programmes and the academic staff members
  • Find detailed information regarding application, admissions and the programmes’ content
  • Explore the university campus through the guided tour

Visit the “Master’s Day” by registering in the below Application form. Please register before  10 December 2014, 24:00. Selected candidates will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Application deadline for those who wish to apply for the current winter semester is changed from 25th of November to 19th of December 2014. More information at: and

For more information please contact us.

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