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The celebration of WIUT’s fourteenth anniversary


The celebration of 14th anniversary of the Westminster International University in Tashkent was held on February 5, 2016 as a charity concert.

The charity concert “Melodies of kindness” dedicated to the celebration of the 14th anniversary of the Westminster International University in Tashkent was held in an “Old jazz” style. University’s birthday is not only a cultural, but also an educational event, which intends to not only entertain the public, but also to enlighten and give information to students of the University and academic lyceum. Therefore every year the concert program is held in particular style of music, and this year’s choice was jazz, which represents the joyful beauty of its time.


Traditionally the event has been opened by a speech about the results of the year and priority directions of the University’s development in 2015. University is now ranked as the top cited institution in Uzbekistan by RePEc (Repository of Papers in Economics) run by Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. This ranking is based on the number of citations that papers get on the World Wide Web. Faculty members actively in engage in evidence based decision-making initiatives both at national and local level. The university actively collaborate with the United Nations Development Program reform projects, Asian Development Bank and all national think tanks, like Institute for Forecasting and Macroeconomic research under the Cabinet of Ministers, Institute on monitoring law and its enforcement, Center for Economic research under the President’s office. These are institutions responsible for research support for policy making in Uzbekistan and thus the research at the university is directly passed to policymakers.  Since the last partnership board frequency of research seminars has increased and today there is at least one seminar taking place each week. This event gathers researchers who have extensive hands on experience on applied research, and representatives of think tanks, and practitioners in the respective fields.  Visiting fellow program facilitates collaboration of external people with the university faculty has already hosted 3 people from various international universities. University has also made progress in creating research support framework and has been actively working in creating its own peer-reviewed journal. Now journal editorial board was formed and progress is made in terms of getting all legal clearances.

It has also been emphasized that the WIUT is actively engaged in redesigning its curriculum in the light of the Learning Futures Project initiated by the colleagues from University of Westminster in London. This is a remarkable step in the history of the university, as starting the next academic year, students will study some new subjects and they will experience new interesting ways of learning and assessment. This is done to further develop and promote the image of the university that highlights the research-oriented and teaching excellence nature.

 Regarding the cultural life of the University, it was mentioned that the year 2015 was very fruitful on events: University organized Culture and Art weeks together with British  Council, Master’s days, and also the celebration of the National Holidays etc. Moreover, this year’s Charity concert is organized only thanks to the initiatives and activity of the University students.

The current concert program included the most beautiful and famous jazz compositions performed by National Artist of Uzbekistan Mansur Tashmatov, the winner of the show  "The Voice. Children" Sabina Mustaeva, the winner of "Zor-Zor Star" Ulugbek Khalikov, students of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and WIUT.

 It is important to note that, being the initiative of the WIUT students, the charity direction of the event became a tradition since 2012. This year  collected funds will be transferred  to children who have illness. 

 Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT) was founded on 16th January 2002 in partnership with the University of Westminster (UK, London) and the UMID  Foundation of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and became the first international university of Uzbekistan. WIUT provides internationally recognized higher education  at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

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Coming soon: Model United Nations Conference


Model United Nations Conference is an annual conference for University students around the world the main purpose of which is promoting education about UN activities, international relations and global affairs. MUN places students in the position of UN ambassadors and other world leaders, asking them to research and debate vital global problems. In MUN, students (delegates) step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues that affect countries all over the world. MUN has a 50-year history and every year approximately 1,000,000 students have been participating in MUN conferences around the world since the conferences became popular. First MUN conference in WIUT was organized five years ago. The number of participants in the first conferences was not very high, but year by year interest of students and university administration is increasing. For instance, previous years the number of participants (delegates) exceeded 100.



Not only students from WIUT, but also students from other Universities of Uzbekistan have shown a greater interest towards our organization. Our partners are MUN in University of World Economy and Diplomacy and UN representative office in Tashkent .Each year executive board of our club invites honorable guests such as well-known diplomats, ambassadors and professors to the opening ceremony of the conference.
So, this year (2016) on the 13th of February the executive board of WIUT MUN is planning to organize fifth annual conference. It is planned to select 120 delegates and 9 members of Panel – DIAS (3 chairpersons, 3 vice-chairs, 3 reporters). The Role of Dias is to control and guide the procedures of the committee. Every committee will have 3 representatives. This year extensive work is carried out by MUN board, as not only students will participate, but college and lyceum graduates and current students will do so.

It is planned to hold the Opening Ceremony,1-2-3 sessions of all three committees and as it is generally agreed, in the end of conference delegates should write the resolutions and vote for the best one, it is called ‘voting process’ which will show the result of the committee’s sessions. General Secretary Shakhzod Abduraimov will open the Ceremony with his speech, then reports with greetings of guests will follow. The conference will start with delegates' reports about countries' position and problems on chosen issues. Then all three sessions consisting of formal and non-formal meetings will take place during which the delegates will discuss all issues and work on resolutions. Best delegates and speakers will be selected in each committee.
Following topics will be simulated this year:

  1. GA : Reconciling  collective efforts to provide assistance and protection of refugee.
  2. ECOSOC : Assisting with developing strategy to post-conflicting countries
  3. SC : Strengthening international cooperation in countering terrorism



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“Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation for SME Innovation” seminar in WIUT


On January 26th Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUT), Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan together with the Handong Global University (HGU) of South Korea organized international seminar under the topic “Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation for SME Innovation”.

The seminar was dedicated to the development of entrepreneurship, business incubation, small and medium business development topics. Entrepreneurs, consultants, public officials, university professors, lecturers, students from WIUT and other universities participated in the seminar.


Participants of the seminar discussed the topics such as the Republic of Korea’s experience in SME support and economic growth, entrepreneurial heroes in Korean economic development, issues in marketing among SMEs in Uzbekistan, strength and weaknesses of the modern SMEs of Uzbekistan etc. During the seminar lecturers and participant talked over start-ups and effective ways of their functioning. Professor Dae Shin Kim from HGU in his speech on “Business Incubation in Korea: Policy and Practice” noted that, one of the main reasons of SME’s success in Korea was the support and promotion of start-ups by the government and contribution into the education system. He also added that “Start-ups being an engine of the economic growth are capable of powering a more dynamic and innovative economy by introducing new series and products in the market.” In his turn the CEO of Korzinka, the network of supermarkets, Zafar Khashimov shared his own success story on building a business in Uzbekistan.


WIUT and HGU have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the framework of UNESCO’s UNITWIN Project.   One of the primary goals of this cooperation is to establish a Business Incubator in conjunction with the CCI. The Business Incubator is to be a place to unite public, private and educational initiatives to foster growth and innovation among businesses in Uzbekistan and to implement the best practices of business development from around the world.

The event’s goals were knowledge sharing, better understanding of the current business environment in the world and in Uzbekistan and formation of the network of stakeholders for establishment of Business Incubator in Tashkent.

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Youth startup initiatives support programme launched in Uzbekistan


Westminster International University in Tashkent together with other 18 educational institutions in cooperation with Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan launches Startup development support program. The program provides opportunities for students and university staff to open their innovative startups and to realize their entrepreneurial potential. For all questions related to the program, please contact WIUT program coordinator Munira Begmuratova:

The project is a free three-month intensive program enabling participants to master skills of  implementing startup ideas, get consultations of individual business mentors, develop and test minimum viable model of the product or service and make presentation of their projects to potential investors. Information about how to participate in the program, the criteria for selecting projects and requirements for participants are available on:

Given the specific working methods of the startup project support program it is expected that this model of supporting startups at early stages of development get widespread adoption by higher education institutions of Uzbekistan, as well as improve systems and mechanisms for interaction of higher education institutions with the private sector, ensure integration of production and higher education, and support creation of new skilled jobs.

The initiative is implemented within the framework of promoting the development of inclusive business models aimed at creating new jobs, increasing youth employment and improving welfare of people with the financial support of «Sasol» representative office in Uzbekistan and the British Embassy in Uzbekistan.


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Happy Birthday WIUT!


Today, on the 16th of January, 14 years ago, Westminster International University in Tashkent, usually referred to as WIUT, was established by the initiative of Uzbekistan Government in partnership with the University of Westminster (UK, London) and became the first Internationally Accredited higher educational establishment in Uzbekistan. 14 years of short but rich history of WIUT made by achievements and new ideas of our staff and students. During these years the University developed a rich array of research and cultural traditions: conferences, research seminars and charity concerts.

On this important date, we would like to thank and congratulate all the people – students, teachers, staff, applicants, educational and business partners, friends, fans and all others – who over the past years made important contributions in creating and strengthening the image of the university as the leading international academic institution in the region.

We provide our important events to you with retrospective of that shaped the history of the university.


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