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Senior Officer on Academic Policy06-13-201806-27-2018
Senior Officer on Assessment Administration06-13-201806-27-2018
Academic Staff in Economics06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Business Information Systems06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Commercial Law06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Global English06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Finance and Accounting 06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Business Management06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Education Management06-12-201807-10-2018
Academic Staff in Marketing06-12-201807-10-2018
Head of Subject Area 06-12-201806-26-2018
Head of Social Engagement Section06-12-201806-26-2018
Digital Learning Coordinator 06-11-201806-25-2018
Academic Officer – Admission and Records06-11-201806-25-2018
Deputy Dean on the Learning Environment 06-08-201806-22-2018
Deputy Dean on the Teaching Environment 06-07-201806-21-2018
Head of Student Information and Support Section (Ask.WIUT)06-05-201806-19-2018
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